Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Race for the Cure

Our favorite race of the year. This was the first time we had the two big kids walk/jog it.

starting off strong, trying to keep up with me and Oey.

My back started hurting at the same time Bella's legs gave out. So Matt came to our rescue.

Jarom so happy to finally see mile 3!!

Our free group picture at the end of the race!!

Tulip Festival

Matt's new job is right at Thanksgiving Point. So I have a feeling we will be hitting up everything that they have got to offer this year. First up was the Tulip Festival. It was just beautiful. We sat and ate our lunch here at the waterfall.

Kids, our kids. Rolling down the hill.

Jar and I

Little Boo

Now those are the loveliest of flowers I have ever seen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pre-Africa family fun (aka Moab and Morning Glory)

Due to a little unintended negotiating in the way the work schedules worked themselves out (if you know what I mean), I was left with a bunch of free time before Amy and I left for Ghana. So on the Monday before, we drove to one of the great places of the world, Moab, to do a bit of exploring. We at least wanted to see Morning Glory Natural Bridge (the fifth-largest rockspan/arch in the world, for what good that information's worth).

dinnertime at Eddie McStiff's!

We picked the Landmark Inn after much calling around and trying to weasel out the cheapest rate. It ended up being a great deal--and we got hooked up anyway (probably helped that it was a Monday night). We played in the heated outdoor pool and hot tub and waterslide until past 11:00.

nightswimming deserves a Moab night

By the look on my face you'd think we had amazing speed here. We didn't.

Jarom loved blocking the flow of water

a tasty continental breakfast-in-bedroom can't be beat

early morning out on the trail

negro bill creek

Basking in the sun. The day was mostly overcast, so we rejoiced whenever his holiness the sun came out.

we were subject to some pretty little flowers

Jarom needed a break

Little hiker. I think he's holding a stick "sword." More on that later.

up the rocks

our desert is so beautiful

a sandgame before arriving

there it is! Morning Glory Natural Bridge (though it's really an arch). It's huge, looming overhead. Some canyoneering folk were rappelling down it when we arrived.

the closest we got to a family pose by the arch

Oey shenanigans, with stick and branch weapons

hiking away

Headed back now. You can see Morning Glory way back there.

Indian paintbrushes! Family favorite.

You can almost even make out some clouds here above Bella.

See this snake? It raced right across the trail as we were hauling down a hill, and nearly caused the whole family to fall, a chain reaction.

eyeing the wilderness

More sun! Like a lizard, Jarom finds a cave.

Then we went out to Mill Canyon, first stopping at this old stage station that used to service passengers traveling between the railroad stops at Moab and Thompson.

We trekked the short Mill Canyon trail to see fossilized dinosaur bones in situ. That's right people, where they lay. Though that's the kind of thing you see in Utah, I guess.

All that's left of an old smelter

beautiful day

this guy popped up from nowhere, above the smelter

HDR image, showing the contrasts

We walked back to the car and headed home. The end of our little excursion.

The Festival of Colors

This year was our first time at the lovely madness that is Holi, the Festival of Colors, at your local Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. It was like a powdered-chalk-color Woodstock.

It took some crazy driving maneuvers, but we got in--after some, but before the herd of thousands that were lined up on in cars or walking or running on Main St. The colors were already starting to rain as we pulled up.

pink mist

look at this crowd

With our green and pink chalks (given to us by some kind donors), we proceeded to become human rainbows. Jarom took charge of this one (surprised?).

Bella was initially unhappy with being doused.

Then she changed her mind!

he nailed me

and Amy

here's a little of the band playing it up

the family

the aftermath

cleanup time

the end!