Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In with the NEW and . . . in with the OLD!

Yes, I know. You are supposed to throw out the old. But some old things we love to do over and over again.

We will start with the new. This was so exciting. Welcome to Narnia!!!!!!!!!!

At least that is what if felt like to me. Ice castles at the Zermatt in Midway.

my ice castle -

is huge!

Too crazy amazing right?

Bella is going into her ice castle

Narnia, we love you!

Another new thing. The science fair. Jarom ran home to tell me he was going to do it and also knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to see if the water cycle is REAL? But since we already know that we did something a little different. He kept a cup of water outside and one inside and measured them everyday so see which one would evaporate fastest. Fun stuff. Love my little experimenter!

Playing in dumpsters.

Jarom cleaning his "new" dresser

He wanted it blue with black stripes

The blue looks really good for now.

Back in dance

but this time we have our best friend Brianne with us

"Ghost" photos -- the kids practiced over and over to get them just right

ready, set


The mud and water NEVER get old at the dino museum

especially when we get to bring cousins for the first time

hello bones

Can never get too much from our favorite bakery, or get sick of their biggest donuts.

Dancing with Daddy at the Valentine's Dance xoxo

Throwing hearts into the air

Swing your partner

Last but not least - Classic Skating

Jarom likes the scooter more

not so for sissy

Or these two.

We are loving every moment of this new year whether it's something new or not!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why wait?

I couldn't help but surprise Matt with a night out on the town. The last two weeks had been crazy. I worked 6 days straight (very crazy for someone who might work one night a week). Matt works days and I work nights. So we didn't see each other for 6 days then I left the very next day on a 5 day sisters trip for some crazy fun, leaving all worries behind (on my husband). I came home just dead and slept for three days. My poor honey never said a thing but I could see the life draining from him. Not only has he been the sole parent, party planner (they did so much while I was gone), barber, painter, homework king, on cleanup duty and to top it off he just started a new job down in Salt Lake about an hour's drive which is nothing compared to the stress of a new job, new people, new everything. My honey is AMAZING, and it just so happens I tell everyone but him. So I finally woke from my sleepy funk Thursday morning to a loving message on facebook and a text saying how much he loves me. It made me feel so high that a man can love me so fully but then get treated like dirt. How is that possible? How long can someone give and love with nothing in return? I love my husband he is truly the most perfect, caring, loving, thoughtful person I know. And all he wants is my love. He melts me.

I called him and told him to work late. It took me time to drive down there to surprise him. It was fun. I had him meet me at a brewpub downtown. For those who don't know our first date was at a pub, and they always have the best food. I first checked into the hotel and dropped our bags off and then was able to walk over there and we got there at the exact same time, very romantic. And very sweet that Matt thought me getting a babysitter and finding a new place to eat was the best thing ever. Little did he know.

Surprise.... going up.

Happy Valentine's my love, I'm here for you forever and ever xoxo

And this is not how it ended but began. Got to love a man in a lady's robe.