Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is dancing in the air!

looking out over the Wasatch

We started last week by going to one of our favorite fall places -- Cascade Springs!

The kids just love to run along the paths and boardwalks and of course everyone's favorite- bridges!!!

Posing for Mommy

Loving all the fall colors!

This is about as good as it gets with the three of them

Cascade Springs upper loop

Just surrounded by beauty

Oey loving his newfound sword

Always trouble to be found

Enjoyed it till party time

Carrie's that is!! 28. making a wish (at Buca di Beppo)

huh, try again?

I know, it's not my birthday yet. Just preparing for it.

The whole gang

Wild kids and immigrant Italian dinners

Can you believe how long and lovely her hair is? This will help keep her warm this winter.

Gymnastics has started up again

riding home

Just watching the leaves change color while they wait for their next customer.

A Spider-Man eating oatmeal with a chopstick, these are things we get to see a lot!

Jarom making loads of books

Black cats are good luck in this house!

Treated out and ready to watch- Into The Woods at the Scera Theater!!!

Bella's favorite, Little Red Riding Hood.

Saw this one coming a mile away

Bella really really really wanted a picture with Rapunzel, but that girl was popular!! At last she settled on a step sister and snow white. Matt and I both loved the witch. And we asked the kids several times if they would like a picture with her. But neither one wanted to. Next time I will just have to get a picture with her. The kids have not stopped talking about this play. They just loved every bit of it.

Starting our journey to the heart of the mountain -- Timpanogos Cave!

Nothing beats being in nature on a perfect fall day

Us girls

This hike is a little scary with the wee ones, but they love it

These are their surprised worried faces.

All of us right before the tour

Step inside a living cave folks!! -- flowstone

catching my cave kiss

lots of tight places and ducking involved

But soo worth it. Look at this!

The liver?

On the tour they actually take you through THREE caves!!

This is the heart, so lovely

bella in Daddy's shirt. Stays cool in there year round -- 45 degrees!

Coming back down in the golden rays, feels perfect.

Showing off our new thrift store finds.

Riding to the farmers market and everywhere else

We rode way past bedtime and the stars and moon guided us home

last but not least. Finished the week in Park city. It was the last day of the Park Silly Sunday Market.

Friday, September 25, 2009


We were happy to hear that there was a reunion just right up the hill from us. But for some reason instead of chilling there my two cousins and their families and mine hit the road and left to Jordanelle Reservoir instead.

Of course after I said hi to my twin aunties!!

Pearl! We love this girl. Look at that face.

She gets it from him!

Pearl likes the look of this, but something is missing..



Boo and Lu

April, Rach and I. She is probably having her baby as I'm writing this- Rachel- if you are there, remember you said you would call me!!!!

Wendell swam out and came back with this! The world's best water park! SOOO nice to hang with the cousins, just like old times.