Friday, November 30, 2012

too soon?

 we didn't have a computer for months, and now have had a computer for months and I don't know how to use the darn thing.  But decided, what the heck - its been a whole freaking amazing year and not one blog. It pains me.. So I'm trying to figure this new blog out so bear with me. I think these are all old photos from old blogs but they were the only pictures I could find. But they are goodies!! And make me sooo EXCITED for this up coming holiday xoxo
 hoping we get loads and loads of snow this year to make up for last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 SO looking forward to celebrating with family and making more warm oooey gooey memories
 now these next few photos just kill me. My little chubby bubbie. who loves to kiss our cat and call him muffin face or his little crispy walnut. He wanted to go to his friends house yesterday, who lives just a few doors down from us. And asked me if I could drive him. I, of course said no, just walk. But he said he couldn't because he was worried and afraid that someone would see him and think he was running away
 my babies.................................... where have they gone??????????????????
 Oey has never looked so good in tap shoes xoxo
 My baby is 5! and still a believer even though we don't push the whole Santa thing
 YAY!! so many parties to behold and so many loved ones to hug, love and dance with. Our first holiday party of the season is tonight. It makes me so happy because its one of those things that once you go to one party the ball just gets rolling and can't be stopped until somewhere in early January

I feel so blessed to have my little family. I feel as though my life always does have little twinkling lights around it. And just maybe my honey will see this sad blog and show me where he has stored the photos on the computer. But, until then!!!! Happy Friday!!!

p.s. I just went and re-read this and feel really bad that I only talk about one child!! but lets just remember these were random pictures I found and I love all my kids, not just my little toad stool xo