Sunday, June 27, 2010

lavender bees

The bees are loving the lavender as much as us. They swarm it and fight over it. I watched one battle another over and over until it left. Love the bright opening flowers and the fragrant buds.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Full Bloom

blooming delicious arugula

plucked some calendula petals

Made for one yummy summer salad, even the kids love it, they love picking the flowers for it too.

Just this morning 5 minutes ago

We find tons of ripe strawberries every morning now

Matt and part of his breakfast

One of my very favorite things - lavender, and it is in full bloom in my very own yard - HEAVEN!

Same with this sage, smells so goooooooooooooooood.

Bella, up bright and early, wanted to pose with these lovely ladies.

I don't know how I'm leaving this for THREE weeks. Jarom, Matt and I check and tend to the garden first thing every morning. We all get so delighted to see plants breaking through the ground and watching things double in size. I'm so sad to leave it. Hoping Matt can keep up the work without us.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Emerald City


Kissing and ...

riding Lucy the pig

This market was full of unique wonderment and charm. We just dove in and took it all in.

Even did a tiny tininess bit of shopping

Something fun around every corner.

They stand AMAZED

Chewing our gum and adding to this work of art.

Our thrilling ferry tour, a view from the boat.

This little cruise boat was full of charm. Under every window has a hand painted table and every table had hand painted stools. All totally different. And check out that stained glass. It doesn't get any better than this. Oh wait, it does. Its name is the Sunday Ice Cream Cruise!!

Ignore the crazy huge smile. I was in heaven sipping my steaming chai hot chocolate, sitting on top of the boat loving in the gray misty clouds. A perfect combo.

Keeping true to its name the kids had to get some ice cream while on board. Here they are waving to passing boats.

Playing games inside, with the perfect view of the Space Needle out the window.

And right out Jarom's window is the boathouse from Sleepless in Seattle, just a fun fact photo.

Leaving the Fremont Ferry. Sad, but must move on.

Don't want to keep this guy waiting. The famous Troll under the bridge in Fremont.

Everywhere we went we ran into amazing art (Waiting for the Interurban).

Even found an underground Flea Market - SCORE!

This was better than my chai hot chocolate. I will HAVE to come back for this sprouted lentil salad at the Flying Apron.

Everyone told us NOT to do the Needle on an overcast day. So we saved our 100 bucks and Matt found this Rapunzel tower on top of a beautiful hill at Volunteer Park. So we enjoyed our private free view of the amazing city below. This city is truly an emerald, through and through.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Beauty and the unseen Beast

We drove all night long from sunset to sunrise

found ourselves going through the most delightful little towns, and dreamed about living there.

On the road to the Beast. On a clear day you could see it from here (actually, the locals say you can even see it from the city), looming over you.

Had to add this picture since I made Matt drive back out of the park to take it :)

Mt. Rainier is overflowing with lush beauty (Carter Falls)

We had a wonderful time prancing through the park. We stopped at all the easy side attractions (here at Christine Falls), wishing we had more time to do MORE, much more.

Water is just flowing everywhere you looked.

Lunch at the visitor center. Where our jaws dropped when we saw where we were on the map. It was magical and very mysterious to be on such a beast and never be able to see it since it was totally covered in clouds. I still can't get over it.

Braving the snow. We are already in the works planning our trip back. Can't wait to mountain goat this place over.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swing Batter Swing

Matt trying to help Jarom with his swing

He is doing coach pitch, and he did do an amazing karate chop swing

This one was better

I like how Bella's hair is swinging

The only girl on the team

Our games always come with a gorgeous view

Bella and her good friend Ethan

Bella even got to play first base. Got to love her pink mitt

And one of the best parts of baseball, summer treats

against daddy's wishes

Bella has been begging me for a haircut. A real one, not just a trim.

So I gave in, it is her hair.

Look how it goes all the way to her elbow.

And I chopped it all off.

And curled it. It is not totally even. But looks so cute.

We have been having fun with it. And I'm proud of her. When she used to see girls with short hair she would tell me the only princess they could be would be Snow White. So I'm glad she is over the long hair princess thing. And it is so easy to brush, wash and do nothing with.