Friday, November 27, 2009

the famous Y, twice-over

Our annual November hike to the Y! This year with the Andersons.

Bella and Brianne, best friends

The first quarter-mile always sees some poutiness. Check out the sass in this step.

valley overlook

The best and brightest smiler! Ever since the day he was born.

There was some intense imagination going on with sticks turning into swords with names like "the lightning killer" and "thunder power" and whatnot.

lots of scrambling

one of these kids is less happy

Jarom and Torin and Collin rushed to the Y on the lower trail

climbing it is dangerous for tottering toddlers!


buddies polaroid style

the prettiest girl in the whole wide world

scooting on down

Orion said that this was "amazing!"

This view always makes me think of China. Am I right?

the sunset coming down is one of our favorite parts

until next year . . .

--- ---

. . . or next week? Joey and I (Matt) decided to go up while they were visiting--just the two of us.

same old poses

(can't help ourselves)

We cut over south toward Slide Canyon to see something new. The whole north-facing side of the canyon was shadowed and snowy, and we stood and watched for a bit before speaking. As soon as we did, a flurry of deer rustled up and out and the canyon, then headed up through the snow to higher ground.

You can see six deer in this picture if you look closely.


a closeup of four of them

looking up Slide Canyon

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The heart of it all

The start: Rock Canyon. Matt went to a see a storyteller up here once that told him this canyon was the birthplace for all humans. And people from far and near would come to see the start of it all. And so have we.

The last glow of the day invites us to see all the canyon has to offer.

Warming our backs on the trail

Taking in the magnificent beauty

Who knows where the trail ends, we had to do a detour. Our imaginations and legs made the choice to explore.

Up, up we go. The mountain was calling us home.

My mountain goats

Jarom of course needed to go wherever Joey went.

The glow grew dark but with our new fresh outlook on life we were ready to call it a night.

Till next time.

Robot vs. Pirate

I pulled Jarom out of school to take him on a special lunch date for his birthday. When I picked him up he said - "Oh good Mom, I needed a break." We went to a newer restaurant (Gloria's) just down the road from us. Jarom enjoyed every moment. You can see he is just beaming here. He is being sung to in Italian.

Excited for his Robot party

Let the games begin. We only invited 5 little boys. But let me me tell you, it was enough.

Matt pulled out his secret stash of Nerf guns. All ages of boys went wild!

Our lovely pirate was just about to give the birthday boy and his friends a box of treasure but this sleek hightech robot came in and stole it.

It lead to a great treasure hunt, and a very big victory.

Back home making robot cakes. They turned more into treasure boxes though, piled high with frosting, candy and sprinkles.

Making a wish, dreams do come true.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Baby Boy is 7 today!!!!

Brand new. Couldn't believe he was mine and coming home with me!!! He was more, so much more than I could have EVER imagined.

So much more trouble, but I loved it.

I couldn't and still can't resist that SMILE!!!

He was born with a wonderful shaped pumpkin head, perfect for kissing.

Jarom one month before he turned 1!!! Such a hulk he was.

I loved this. I think this was the first time I ever just saw him chill. He is a wild child.

Driving with Daddy, the best of buddies. Whenever Jarom has to draw or write anything at school it is ALWAYS about how much he loves his dad.

Always looking for a thrill.

Born musician

My beautiful boy

growing and growing.... it never stops

Has got killer moves

killer lyrics , he is like a magnet to the mic! Loves attention!

And winning

And being like his Daddy.

Good Morning Jarom. He is king of games to entrepreneuring. Just full of spunk and spirit.
He is getting way too big, but is still big fun. Jarom, I love you!!! I love everything about you, even the things that drive me nuts. You're my guy, the greatest son and big brother. Hope you love your Robot Party today!!!