Thursday, August 27, 2009

two down, one to go

I really don't feel that way, well- not always. Jarom started first grade last week. He has some kids in his class that have been with him since pre-school. He goes to school at 8:30 am. Those who know us, know that is way too early for us. Jarom is our one and only early bird so it works for him, not me. Yesterday I woke up at 8:15!! Panic.

Here's our sleeping beauty. She likes to roll out of bed by 10 am. So of course she gets the afternoon class. She is starting school TODAY!! As I write this she is begging to go. She still has one hour to go, it's going to be a long one. She is very glad we had nail polish that matched her back to school dress. Life doesn't get much better.

Here she is. My girl. I'm going to miss my little momma so much. Don't know what O and I will do with out her. But I know she is going to LOVE it. So I'm very excited for her.