Saturday, November 26, 2011


is where the heart is xoxo
This is our first year having our very own Thanksgiving at home...alone.
I'll be honest, I thought I was going to hate it and I was on the border of planning a last-minute trip to bask in the warm desert sun and forget about homesickness for the long weekend. But things were crazy busy and at the last moment instead I woke up at home and was GLAD, even EXCITED!!
I have been in some kind of funk for the last month, I'm sure you can tell from my lack of blogging. I got home from my trip and there has not been just one minute to sit, catch up, and breathe. As soon as I got off the plane I feel as though someone pushed the FF button on me (fast-forward) and I have been totally struggling. Little did I know the very thing I needed was to just stay home.
It has been the greatest breath of fresh air and we are now going in slow-motion.
Our few
and only decorations
The kids happy to be kids and keeping an ever-watchful eye on me in the kitchen, curious of the growing mess I was making.
They ended up with some elaborate cushion forts.
fueled by the veggie tray--guess they don't like peppers
my little sweet helper setting the table
Daddy harvesting some herbs
Our full warm delightful table, filled with steamed green beans, gravy, rolls, roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, garden carrots, red potatoes, sweet potatoes and herbs, Tofurkey, a loaded green salad with candied nuts, craisins, feta, cucumber, tomatoes. Mashed potatoes and stuffing. Success, in my eyes. For someone who has had way too much bad luck in the kitchen I was feeling like a PRO! I did forget the fruit salad though, but no one noticed.
Slicing up the Tofurkey 
We all sat and enjoyed every bite and moment sharing our Thankfulness. I glowed hearing the kids' long, neverending lists of what they are thankful for. But in the end, dad was left clearing and stuffing his face from the kids plates.
We took a break and played, went to a great kids movie (Hugo), and we did loads of puzzles while the pie baked. Speaking of ... it was my first time making pie. We made apple and boy was it mouthwatering. 
I had forgotten that a sweet life is just taking it easy at home. I'm still beaming and still at home enjoying every slow-motion moment. We have been playing games and eating cake into the wee hours of the morning. And if I once again forget to slow down and be thankful, I just so happened to have taken a video of my kids long telling tales of thankfulness. xoxoxo
I hope you all had a warm, happy day filled with what really matters, and it's not in the presentation or the fruit salad, but making time to sit with the ones you love.
p.s. it's good to be back