Saturday, January 17, 2009

So, I totally forgot some

I didn't realize when I made that last blog I was only going through Matty's photos. So here are some of mine.

Again- Christmas day. Bella loving her new roller skates and oey loving her new tap dance shoes.

This is the first thing oey wanted to do when we got home to Provo.

We also have our very own sledding hill, right next to our house in the church parking lot. It is now like ten feet tall.

I love Oey's little round body in his snowsuit.

King and Queen of the snow pile.

My helper

While we were in CA, we got to go out to eat with Matt's 95 year old grandma. Her birthday is next month.

The whole beatty clan. plus our furry friend Stan.

These babies will knock you in the head on the way out our door.

Everyone wanted their own icicle pop.

I know, these pictures are a little strange.


Choo choo train ride at the mall

I was really glad oey sat on Santa's lap for one second without crying.

bella and jarom were all too eager to tell Santa what they wanted.

Jarom of course wanted a robot. We got his Christmas list in the mail from his teacher. And there was only one word on it- ROBOT.

Going backwards - To almost NOW!

So this blog is going to be a little different because usually I like to post about everything with a million photos, but because I'm so behind, I'm just trying to post one picture for each event. So the post is still normal Beatty size! And yes, it is going backwards. Matt is not around to help edit and rearrange the photos for me. SO forgive me.

Night sledding!! It is so awesome. I love this photo because Matt could not walk up the hill. He kept falling. He ended up crawling!

New Year's Eve party at Carrie's and Brandon's.

It was a fun blast. Matt found us a great babysitter from Craigslist!

But first we took the kids to Provo's First Night. They had everything from fire dancers, carnival games, face painting, free photo booth pictures, eating contests (Jarom's favorite), girls from beauty salons doing hair. Just tons of shows, live music and a million things to do. I felt bad that we only had a few hours there with the kids.

This is how we found Art after the dance party. Matt and I got a kick out of it.

At the dance party. I had to put this in because every time I go home (back to CA) I'm always hoping to run into old friends but NEVER do. So this was the first in three years!! hurray!

Matty and I danced the night away. I wish I had a million more pictures of this party because it was just about the most fun I had in a long time. Crazy fun dance moves from everyone packed into Heather's home.

This is what we call "cook a fire". The kids love helping grandpa and even great grandpa this time burning all their brush. They work long and hard on the land and we get to enjoy their hard work with bonfires. We roasted turkey dogs and marshmallows with the cousins.

Day after Christmas. Bell and Jarom rolling around on their new favorite gifts.

Christmas day!!

Christmas Eve with Mary, Jesus and Joseph.

We got to Placerville just in time to Christmas carol.

Christmas morning at our home. We woke the kids up at 3 am. Matt and I were worried about getting to Placerville for Christmas because it had been snowing for two days straight, so we left early.

Our humble Christmas. Each kid had three things under the tree. I was worried that they would be upset. But everything worked out perfectly. It was very Merry!

Temple lights

Visiting santa's reindeer.

Zoo lights!!