Saturday, January 17, 2009

So, I totally forgot some

I didn't realize when I made that last blog I was only going through Matty's photos. So here are some of mine.

Again- Christmas day. Bella loving her new roller skates and oey loving her new tap dance shoes.

This is the first thing oey wanted to do when we got home to Provo.

We also have our very own sledding hill, right next to our house in the church parking lot. It is now like ten feet tall.

I love Oey's little round body in his snowsuit.

King and Queen of the snow pile.

My helper

While we were in CA, we got to go out to eat with Matt's 95 year old grandma. Her birthday is next month.

The whole beatty clan. plus our furry friend Stan.

These babies will knock you in the head on the way out our door.

Everyone wanted their own icicle pop.

I know, these pictures are a little strange.


Choo choo train ride at the mall

I was really glad oey sat on Santa's lap for one second without crying.

bella and jarom were all too eager to tell Santa what they wanted.

Jarom of course wanted a robot. We got his Christmas list in the mail from his teacher. And there was only one word on it- ROBOT.


Our Family said...

I love all the pictures! What little cuties you have! Did I tell you Grandma went on and on to me about how much she loved your visit and how smart, good and adorable your children are?

heather said...

Hi darlings. oey looks so dashing sitting like a little gent on santa's lap! i cannot believe how GIANT those icicles are! i love how matt brandishes them like crazy swords. and jarom shoveling the walk is truly endearing. it is cute how once he gets busy with a helpful task he is so determined. especially if it is a grown up type of assignment. i love you all SO MUCH! you are all too darn cute for words.

Adie B said...

I love both of these blogs. Oey is so perfect on Santa's lap. What an expression! And the photos of you at the dance party...kind of bleary cause the camera got Red Bull spilled in it or something! And the kids in all their glory and the tap shoes and roller skates and popsicles.
I wish that when we wrote comments you could scroll down the page at the same time and see the pics so I could comment on them all. What a beauteous and busy holiday. Next year we HAVE got to visit and see the lights in Salt Lake.
I love your humble Christmas. It's the most magical love ever!
I miss you all.
I am trying to stay up real late tonight so I actually can get some serious sleeping done on the plane tomorrow, and on the train. So I can prepare my body for 24 hours of straight awakeness in Washington DC...! That's why I am commenting at 3:15 AM, not that that would be THAT unusual but hey.
Oh, btw, you have not seen those unicorn socks lying around your house have you? I can't find them and was wondering if I left them behind ....
All my heart

Momma said...

Amy, what darling pictures of my precious grandbabies! I miss them so much! We need to get Oey and Jarom some roller skates! What a different world it is there with all that snow. I can't believe how the kids just adapt to it. How fun it looks. What a precious family you are. I love you all so much, Nana.

Life on Pelican Street said...

How fun!!! Those ice cycles are WICKED!!

Maria said...

You have the cutest family!! Loved all of the photos!!

Jeanette said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. You are so lucky to have snow! I love the pictures of your sweet little ones. These are precious days for you. I can tell you are a great mom!

Harris Family said...

looks likes you had a good christmas! We need to get together with you guys since we are both in UT.

Humble christmas's are the only way to go. We told James that santa took some of his toys to the workshop to get fixed- (aka batteries) he was thrilled with his working toys and we gave him one other present- kids dont need as much as we think.

I miss cali- we had fun living there- we want to be back there- I love looking at your pics there- it seems like you guys travel alot. so fun! we need to do more.

Hope you are well!

Elijah & Jenny Nielson said...

Love all your posts- Oey is getting SO big and your kids are SO cute! I love staying in touch this way. I am always amazed how much fun you guys are having together as a family. Very inspiring!


bclarkexcel said...

Hey Amy,
It's so cute to see Orion in roller skates because that is exactly what Kenny loves to do with Tiffy's princess ones.

Wow- those are crazy big icicles!

I love ya and miss seeing you guys.
You have such a cute fam.
Luv, Stephy