Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In with the NEW and . . . in with the OLD!

Yes, I know. You are supposed to throw out the old. But some old things we love to do over and over again.

We will start with the new. This was so exciting. Welcome to Narnia!!!!!!!!!!

At least that is what if felt like to me. Ice castles at the Zermatt in Midway.

my ice castle -

is huge!

Too crazy amazing right?

Bella is going into her ice castle

Narnia, we love you!

Another new thing. The science fair. Jarom ran home to tell me he was going to do it and also knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to see if the water cycle is REAL? But since we already know that we did something a little different. He kept a cup of water outside and one inside and measured them everyday so see which one would evaporate fastest. Fun stuff. Love my little experimenter!

Playing in dumpsters.

Jarom cleaning his "new" dresser

He wanted it blue with black stripes

The blue looks really good for now.

Back in dance

but this time we have our best friend Brianne with us

"Ghost" photos -- the kids practiced over and over to get them just right

ready, set


The mud and water NEVER get old at the dino museum

especially when we get to bring cousins for the first time

hello bones

Can never get too much from our favorite bakery, or get sick of their biggest donuts.

Dancing with Daddy at the Valentine's Dance xoxo

Throwing hearts into the air

Swing your partner

Last but not least - Classic Skating

Jarom likes the scooter more

not so for sissy

Or these two.

We are loving every moment of this new year whether it's something new or not!


moonshinejunkyard said...

you guys are so cute it makes me cry. the kids dancing together at the dance, their sweet excited faces throwing the hearts, the ice skating, and NARNIA! bella in her ice castle, this is all killing me and i miss you all dreadfully. i love your fun adventures that occur daily! can't wait to see bella's dance moves. i am sending smooshy kisses and hugs to each one of you. love love love love forever.

In a nut shell... said...

You guys are always doing such fun things! How do you have the time?
Where was that "Narnia" ice castle? That was really cool..

AdieSpringB said...

This is so adorable! I'm just in love with your family. If you didn't have one I might be scared to have one, but you make it look like the funnest thing ever!!!!!!! (Unlike some people I spot around town looking like it's the most boring, strict, horrible thing ever....)
You and your darlings are truly an INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go to those ice castles. I hope they still make them by the time I have little ones that can appreciate!

AdieSpringB said...

Oh, it looks like Oey just might be mastering the art of rollerskating??

Harris Family said...

Hey guys. We should get together before we actually move!!! Rob works downtown too at 2nd south. Where does Matt work?

We might rent out our house instead of sell. Are you guys still thinking about buying? Or moving up this way?? I need to persuade you too!!!:)

It is always fun too read your posts and see all that your doing!!

Nadia said...

Narnia looks awesome! I'll have to call you about you think a prego lady could make it alright around there? I love your family, we need to see you guys. Please come visit whenever you are in the neighborhood. We'll do the same.

Glory Watts said...

So much fun stuff! I agree the ice castles are amazing! I love Jaroms science fair project, so cute! love you guys!

Kimberly said...

I love Jarom's hair. He is looking more like Matty everyday. Love the ice Castles. I need to hit that. Miss ya and hope to see soon!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Shut your face!! Seeing your Narnia makes me want to get in the car and drive to Utah to see it....AMAZINGLY UNREAL!!

Becky said...

Every time I read your blog I am inspired to get out and see this beautiful state we live in. Most times, I am inspired, but fail to follow through. But tomorrow, we are doing it. This is too beautiful to miss. I can't wait to go to Midway and see this. I think it's the last day.

Heather said...

cute photos once again and I want to go to Narnia land - invite us next time!!!

Matt mentioned what a beauty Bella is, after seeing cupcake photos and I would have to agree.