Sunday, March 30, 2008

life now and then

We have woken up to 4 inches of snow and it's still coming. This week has been eventful for Orion. He learned how to clap. Yes- it's late. Most kids do this around 6 months, so it made it all the more exciting. He also learned to go down the slide all by himself. This is dang cute to watch. It's difficult for him to get both of his feet onto the slide and he ends up going down on his tummy. He loved it and kept it up till it was time to go home for lunch. The very next day he took his first steps! So sad that he's getting so big, but still the cutest thing in the world. And then on Friday my friend and I moved Orion and his crib to the kids' room. So all three share the same room. Jarom and Bella love to get him out of bed. That's a little scary to see. But they are soo proud when they bring him to me. Growing up is so sad and fun. It's hard to look at my little family and see it changing slowly everyday. It's hard to know we won't always have a sweet babe in a crib. Time seems so slow and you feel like nothing is ever going to change and you forget to make the most of what you have now. Jarom brought Orion to Matt and I the other day with him upside down and facing forward. His little plump face was turning red but he had a smile that went ear to ear. I wonder how many more times will I see this before Orion figures out how to get out of his crib by himself. You never know. Jarom was jumping out of his crib by this time and Bella never did ever figure how to get out of that cage. Only time will tell but I'm not going to wait around and sit it out.

I'm back. That was crazy. So while I was writing about enjoying life now and all that love, Oey comes crying to me. Sad but true, I usually would find something for him to play with or give him a little shoo with my foot. But because I was feeling the love I stopped what I was doing to give him his time and snuggles. I mean this is exactly what I've been talking about. We need to show the ones we love that we love them now, today and always. So while I'm trying to love on him, he throws up all over me and himself. Now isn't that going to be a fun memory. I'm just glad I picked him up. You know how awful you feel right before you throw up. And he came to me, crying "Mama" to make him feel better. He is just too sweet and innocent it kills me. I'm glad I was in tune at that moment, to try and comfort the little lad. I mean I don't even know how much longer he is going to use the word Mama. Anyways if you are worried about him he seems to be doing fine playing and splashing away in the tub (Matt is with him).

As you know Matt and I are in training for a triathlon. Yesterday was the first day I did all the running, biking and almost all the swimming. I was on my last lap when I noticed that I didn't see my family in the shallow end. I did however see a girl with a net scooping out the pool. I ran to find my family. Poor Matt was thrown up on, and poor Oey for being sick. So I almost finished and Matt didn't even get the chance to start.

We are all staying home from church. Bell and I have colds and well you know what O has. Hopefully we will all be able to rest and enjoyed being snowed in, for most likely the last time this year.

A few reminders of what I should enjoy today:

pictures from family home evening a couple weeks ago:


heather said...

wow what an amazingly precious family. amy you are rad and inspiring. i loved that i got to kind of experience that moment right along with you. what an angel is oey! i can just picture him coming to you, sickly, going "mama" all sweet and whimpery because he needs some loving for his tummyache. ahhh, what a cute little guy. i have never seen anyone so good natured! hanging upside down from his big brother's arms with a big old grin!!! i love it!!! geez, those pictures of jarom and bella are so good, all three of your kids are just unbelievably gorgeous and charming and unique. this was so lovely to read, thank you!

The Hockmans said...

Whats up girl!!! Its been a long time. You and your family look amazing and well. So..utah huh? Yeah it looks cold I gotta say. So how is the rest of your family? your cousins, I havn't heard from Stephanie or Rachel since high school. What are you up to, when do you get a chance to visit California? Wow three now and whats up with matts hair, I actually really like it. Keep me posted its great to hear from you. Its amaqzing how fast we all grow up, sometimes I think it was better just being a kid, we had it so easy. Keep in touch!!

Glory Watts said...

Yeah Amy! I love the new blog. I just discovered it. What a good little blog poster you already are. I look forward to checking it daily. It looks like you have a lot of little helpers, they are oh so adorable. Way to go on the triathalon training! How much longer till the big day? I sure hope you guys are feeling better and that Oey kept the flu bug to himself, I can't believe how cute he is...such a little lug!

Hope it warms up soon for y'all.
Love ya Sis.

E. Paul said...

Hey I love your blog. It sure is fun to see pictures of your growing family. Sorry to hear you're getting another snow storm. You should all take a road trip to Austin and visit us before things get too hot here. Any way I can't wait to check back and see what's going on with your family.

Jenny MacKenzie said...

My sweet Ito, when did you become so prolific! Your voice is funny yet sensitive and in the moment. I loved seeing the pics of the kids, Oey looks like he's growing more fuzz. You guys have such a lovely view on life, you "suck the marrow out of life"! Dana mentioned Ministry was going to be in SLC in April sometime and we might do a road trip to see them. This is their last tour ever and Dana saw them on Sunday in Portland but had to leave before the show ended so he could drive home and get up for work the next day. Just a thought, it would be fun though. I love you guys!