Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter weekend

We have finally done it! I have been telling you all that we would. Today we all stayed home sick but Matt who got up at like 5am!!! Thats crazy- and he went swimming!- even more crazy. Anyway it's been nice to be sick and catch up from our busy Easter weekend. On Saturday we woke up way early and met my brother Sean and his wife at McD's for breakfast. For some reason it's dang good. That deluxe breakfast has over 1000 calories. But I got to get it every time. They were on their way back home to Sac. CA. Sean had been in Moab all week and even brought Oey a cute little onesie that said "rock hard" with a jeep on it. So it was so nice to be able to meet up with them. I left saying I would eat healthy the rest of the day and then continued to down candy like there is no tomorrow. That's because the rest of our day was filled to the brim with Easter egg hunts and a birthday with yes the famous bunny cake. I have always wanted to cut into one of those bad boys. We ended the day with dying eggs and Matt making his famous gingerbread. It's the Very Best.

I was so proud of Oey. He got 5 eggs and one pinecone all on his own

Bella, Jarom and Elijah at the Provo city Easter egg hunt

Bella and Jarom on a horse ride to a Easter egg hunt at our favorite lavender farm

Notice the cake, and this is where our third Easter egg hunt of the day took place

Kids dying eggs

The famous gingerbread maker man

Easter Morning- What fun

In their Easter outfits

At Aunt Kathy's in Sandy. She gave the kids the Best Ever Easter egg hunt. This is where we got a supply of candy and quarters for life!

Family Picture- It's always a must at my aunt's

making our cute bunny cottage


Sunday morning we went to church -late. Then we had the best Turkey Dinner with Family in Sandy. On the way home we stopped by my aunt's home in Pleasant Grove. She had a surprise for us. An Easter egg hunt. So all in all we feel loved and blessed by candy and one and all.


mom said...

What an exciting Easter Holiday you all had. I loved the pictures. The kids are so cute on their egg hunts. Just one thing missing NANA! I did get to do a little egg hunt for Sylvan in the backyard on Sunday and I even made him a basket with goodies. I gave him a book of fables and read him a story while he sat in my old rocking chair, guess he was my surrogate grandson for the day! I love your new blog. I miss you all so much, the family looks adorable as usual. Love, Love Love you all, Nana

heather said...

oh my gosh what a lovely new addition to the world of blogs!!! i am so excited to keep myself posted on the adorable smithish-beattyish activities, hooray! i am really trying to teach darin to get into checking the blogs too. anyway it looks like you guys had a beautiful weekend full of spring breeze and sunshine and eggs and treats! i miss you all so much.

Glory Watts said...

Mmmm...bunny cakes and homemade gingerbread, was it made with ginger root again? Who am I kidding, of course it was. Is this a new tradition? what a fun idea.

Pony rides, a bazillion Easter Egg hunts, and new clothes-a perfect Easter!

Hey, I saw the doughnut holes on your other family blog and they looked pretty darn amazing. Do you remember golden puff balls at the Patricks? Yummy!