Monday, May 19, 2008

Lady Bug

Birthday Girl! Daddy brought the balloon and flowers home for his one and only little girl.

We started the party with the moms painting the girls' nails into little ladybugs.

Some of our games: stick the ladybug on the sunflower, and drop the ladybug in the bucket.

The kids had to follow a ladybug trail to find the gift she left for them- the nets. And then I had the fun job of throwing the candy.

On our homemade meadow in the kitchen

Making ladybug cupcakes

time for gifts, notice their cute little nails.


Ladybug cake. My sister Glory made this cake for her daughter and I just had to do it too. So cute and easy. It was a fun girly party for Bell. I let Jarom have one cousin over to keep him company, so everyone was happy. Most importantly Bella loved it all.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh, CUTEST PARTY OF THE CENTURY!!! seriously, this party looks so cute and what i love is, every little detail the children seem to be so LOVING! like, the girls getting their nails painted by the moms, what a perfect way to start a girly party! then, all the dress up gowns and the imaginative games: all their little faces are just engrossed! i don't quite get the one with the nets, but you can tell they are simply LOVING it!!! so cute. so unbelievably cute. having a four year old girl has got to be one of the funnest things of life. having two brothers surrounding her makes it even better, because she gets to be adventurous and feisty as well as sweet and beautiful! what a great family. amy you are so adorable in your party outfit. i love your concentrated cute face as you do bella's nails. what a precious mother/daughter duo. i am so glad you guys got to have such a fun party, and mattie is sure a good daddy for remembering to pick up balloons and flowers! i gotta findout how to do that cake because it is just the cutest. i am not kidding, i have to give full appreciation for such an adorable party!!!! mad props, as they say!!!

Life on Pelican Street said...

sooo cute amy!!! very creative!

Glory Watts said...

I love it! It looks like it was a huge success! All the little girls looked so happy, especially Bella! What a perfect birthday for your little lady-bug ;)

I love your dress too!

Jaime said...

What a fun idea. I've logged that one away in my memory for when my little one is older. so cute--way to go mom!

Maria said...

I love ladybugs!! I am jealous..ha! What a great party!

spring said...

What a wonderful birthday party for bella bug. I love all the adorable lady bug ideas. Lady bugs are my favorite bug. They are so cute and I love the little Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly away home rhyme. Amy you always do the sweetest parties for the babes. You are an A #1 mom!. Great Balloon and flowers from a special daddy too.

Paul & Rachel said...

Hi Aim!!
We had a great time at Bell's party! The pictures from the party and your trip are ADORABLE! You should get an award for being the most adventurous family of the year! Hey, how does the temple sound for next week in the evening? I'm open Wed or Thurs? Love ya!