Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tuesdays with Beattys

Nanas last day in Provo, walking Oey to the bakery.

We found some hidden goods on the way out.

I love how she is on on her phone, she looks like she does this all the time. It's nothing.

Matt met us for some veggie pizza at the park. We also fed the ducks the bread we got from the dumpster.


Pretty day

The kids love this swing and it's a good work out for us.

At the cotton shop.

Nana showing me the ropes

Bella trying it on for size. under it she is wearing her new favorite dress that heather got her from the DI.

The finished product. Took a lot longer than I thought. But well worth it. We miss Nana and Heather already. We had a fun wild weekend with them. But I think Matt is going to blog about that.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beatty Holiday

This is a travelogue in pictures, from our weekend.

We made it to LA early Friday morning after driving all night. We camped in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, at Point Mugu State Park, just west of Malibu. It's a perfect Mediterranean climate that can't be beat (while LA was a stifling 95 to 100 the whole time, we never saw it go up past 80). A first for me--I never woke up cold.

Our first stop, our one living relative in the area. It took us a while to find his house only to discover he left the night before for his own road trip. This is Mikie's house.

Oey throwing sand and loving it

Soaking up the rays with my 60 SPF on. Oey was my shadow.

Our water baby

The shell collector

We always like Huntington Beach

Peanut butter and jelly was our lunch for the next three days. And we never got sick of it.

Our campsite. Jarom's off to the side, studying a chipmunk hole. He stood there like a statue, waiting for it to come out.

Camarillo's farmers market, bright and early

Oey downing strawberries

Stocking up on real food

Sycamore Cove, the beach directly across from our campsite

Just getting our feet wet before moving on to LA

Outside the California Science Center


Scientist at work.


Oey whispering sweet nothings in his daddy's ear -- datchee

Outside the LA temple

Part II

Speaks for itself

This is the ride they picked out (Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier). They paid for it with their own money. Jarom had a hard time finding a ride within his budget. Bella loaned him 50 cents.

Leaving. We had a lovely parking ticket waiting for us (meter had been expired for 10 minutes).

Oey says "tree"

The campground host made Bella a pipe-cleaner panda for her birthday. He was very entertaining, to say the least.

He was the Mary Poppins of the campground.

Jarom and Matt dancing on the sycamore tree

Digging in our roly-poly farm

Oey being cute

The best smores ever. Makes my mouth water.

Crazy kids. Jarom's marshmallow's on fire.

Oey taking a break from being held, on our hike to the fire trail overlook.

Birthday girl in all her glory

Bella needed a hand to hold the whole way

At the overlook. Matt rigged the camera to hang from a tree branch. Worked out pretty good.

Point Mugu.

At Point Mugu.

My lover. I imagine this could be on the back of his first novel.

Cool murals under the bridge, on the way to Leo Carrillo beach.

It says "Happy 4th" because she turned four today.

Digging for baby sandcrabs.

A hidden cave we found. Little scary.

My boys

Vegas for Bella's birthday dinner. Bella wanted to eat at the castle behind us, but it was gross so we left. We went across the street to the MGM Grand to eat in the Rainforest Cafe. A first for all of us.

Making a wish on an ice cream brownie volcano

Kisses for daddy

The balloon guy earned his tip

Back home, Monday morning, 5:30 am. One wild weekend.