Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love having visitors and being the visitees

The first night back from Christmas break and Oey pulls this little stunt. He would get out of bed and join us in ours. That lasted for like a week and he just stopped doing it. Thank goodness.

Adie and Heather came to visit, right after we left them in Placerville. We had the most wonderful time. The one thing Heather wanted to do while here was take us all roller skating. It had been snowing all day so just getting there was an adventure in itself.

here we go. none of us were very good at first.

Jarom tried hard

We had a blast and kept saying how fun it would be to be snowed in at the roller rink.

And yes, they still do the couples skate. Me and my lovey.

Adie and Bella making snow angels, it just kept snowing and snowing.

Adie picking Jarom up from school.

night sledding

Oey and the snowman

They came down like a snow plow

It's a little scary when we first start. Adie and Heather left us and then we left to go to Bend OR.

We were so surprised to see no snow in Bend. They usually have more than us. It was nice and sunny. A good break for us.

This is Jenny in her play called Tina and Tony's Wedding. Matt and I had a ball, and laughed and danced our booties off.

Us with the star of the show.

A shoe tree on the way to Rustin and Suzi's in Baker City OR.

We stopped at the John Day Fossil Beds on the way. Bella in front of some petrified wood.

Jarom taking a look at Sheep Rock.


heather said...

man what fun we had! it makes me want to go rollerskating again tonight....except for two things, you guys are here and there's NO SNOW! i love reading your blogs and looking at each detail. your bend/baker city trip looks fun and jenny is so adorable as the star of the show! that picture of the guys and kids walking on the sunny street looks so inviting. the girls are trotting in front doing their own girlie thing. so cute! oh it's a jolly 'oliday with AMY!

heather said...

oops, i meant you guys "aren't" here. (wish i knew of a way to edit my own comment)
in other words it would not be near as fun to go without your little family. you forgot to mention that we WON THE PRIZE, TOOK HOME THE GOLD!!! i still think a roller rink is a very good idea for placerville.

Momma said...

How much fun you guys have! Oey is so cute climbing out of his crib. Does he still sleep in it? So glad it was sunny in Bend, you guys did deserve it! Jenny looks awesome! Like a movie star. How great you got to see her in that play, I heard that is a really fun one.

Life on Pelican Street said...

Roller skating is so underated! I love it!!! What fun

Maria said...

I haven't been skating in forever, looks like fun!! Great photos!

Glory Watts said...

Roller skating is a total blast! I love the picture of Oey with his skates on. How fun to hang out with Heather and Adie for a few days.

The picture of you, Jenny and Matt is adorable. You all look beautiful. I like Matt's new do. Love you guys.

Reluctant Conquistador said...

I suck at rollerskating! We can't wait to have you guys as visitors!

Kari said...

Such cute pics! That first one at Sundance with you in the scarf up close totally looks like your mom! Love the snow pics. I love watching how much fun you guys have.