Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dinner on the rocks

Let the hiking begin!

Oey cried and wanted down. He said he wanted to climb like spiderman! He set a nice pace.

Found some friends along the way

Momma's little troopers

This path is fun and beautiful, the kids don't even realize that they are hiking. The outdoors are wonderful!!

Little miss thing felt so special with her very own pink camelbak.

Sunday dinner- yum.

In front of Stewart Falls.

Jarom found this pinecone and could remember the name of the tree it's from because of the story my dad told Matt and Matt then told Jarom. Got to love stories being passed down. It's from a Douglas Fir.

Bella brought her jump rope. It came in handy and made for a fun walk home.


moonshinejunkyard said...

what a sweet hike, i love that pretty little trail! where was this? bella's little camelbak is adorable and she looks so proud of it. what a great gang of hikers and a perfect family activity. the real deal. i LOVE YOU all!

mooncowboy said...

This is Stewart Falls. It starts right where we started to hike Timpanogos (Aspen Grove), but heads south instead of north. It's really beautiful there, just above Sundance, and it's a 2 mile trail that feels like nothing cause it just meanders up and down and rolls and rocks.

mooncowboy said...

Okay, it was 2 miles each way!