Monday, July 13, 2009

When in Placerville

First stop after a long drive was to my sister Merry's house. They had new kitties. This trip was all about cousins and kittens!

We then made it in time to pick some veggies at grandma's for dinner. I always forget how beautiful it is. Look at the view. Wish I could raise my kids up on the hill.

They loved working in grandma's garden.

We brought their old bikes to ride around. You can see my dad working on part of grandma's new chicken coop.

Even grandma has a kitten

That poor kitty never found a good hiding spot

O and his buddies. It's so nice to go to grandma's. Both Wendy and Teddy live there.

Jarom made grandma and grandpa visit the magic tree house

My brother baby Joe is getting really good at the piano. Little fingers always love to help make music.

Our pool party

turned into a tattoo making party

Walked up the hill to play at great grandma's

got dizzy

Grandma came to Oey's rescue

Grandpa played with Emma

Naomi brought over her new cat.

Waiting for the new bride and groom. My whole reason for coming to CA.

Me and my cute niece Katie

Whitney and Brandon!!!!!!! xoxoxooxoxoxoxo

Right after the wedding I hurried up the hill to the river. My parents took the kids up there for a nice cool dip. Daddy coming to Merry's rescue. Those are her two babes. She has THREE more. She is a champ!!

Me and little sis Merry

mud pies coming right up

Of course Jarom makes a friend and steals their floaty.

Taking a break

And this is the end result - dead tired

4th of July

Carl and Dolly are feeling it

Gramps and the kids watching the flag

Going for a little ride

Jarom wanted to take everyone for a ride.

Lunch with Nana!

BBQ and pool party at Heather's

Mikie to Bella's rescue, she had a sliver

Down to Folsom to get fireworks, but they were all sold out!!

We improvise with some snaps and party poppers

And enjoyed the real firework show

Someone finally found the perfect opportunity to play in the fire place

Poor teddy had a bad break.


Lisa said...

John and Merry (Mary?) had another baby!!?? I didn't even know that she was pregnant! It has been a while since Forrest has worked with them, but John didn't say anything about another baby! Tell them congratulations.

I'm really bummed we didn't get to see you, by the way! Stop by next time.

Sarah said...

Bridal Veil, Camp Nauvoo, your parents house--all the prettiest places in the hills. You and Merry are so cute. You look the same as you did in high school.

heather said...

i can't believe i never commented on this. i have looked it over more than once. i'm a big dork but i love looking at all your little pics and the way you tell the stories, for example, the simple caption "got dizzy." so cute and succinct! anyway i love it so much when you guys are in town even though it is a whirlwind, it is such a FUN ONE!!! claudia and lowell smith have created some greatness up there on the hill, it's like a little empire of babies, love, growth, and beauty. so nice to see all this.

Susan said...

What a wonderful trip! It was so great to see you and my grandbabies on the 4th of July! Thanks for letting me model my new clothes. That was so fun. Love you honey, Nana