Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Naked Star

* blurb from my scrapbook
March 13, 2007 - I woke early feeling different and started cleaning the house. Matt woke up and told me to go to bed (he was awakened by my crying, he found me bent over scrubbing the kitchen floors -- I really felt that the baby was coming and that the house and I were not ready for it). Woke up again and called my mom - told her Orion was coming and to come on over (she lives in CA). She told me I was wrong since I was in NO pain. And I believed her, why wouldn't I, she did give birth to 11 babies!

Gets better. Later that day I saw my midwife and told her I felt "different." She checked me and said Orion hadn't even dropped. So I just went on feeling weird all day. It wasn't until we put the kids to bed that I KNEW I was in labor and he came about an hour and a half later. NO better place to have a baby than HOME. With Matty, who can't wipe that smile off his face.

(if you can't see the video above, click here)

Mommyhood is grand

I love my Orion. Here he is this morning on his new spiderman bike.

Can't believe MY baby is 3, what the heck. I want him forever and ever. His new thing is to come up to me or Matt and say, "I like you." Can't help but squeeze and love him to death. He is my star. I love that even when we are apart I can find in him in the sky smiling down on me saying "I like you."

Happy Birthday my dear Peter Parker, Harry, Black Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine. You will always be my super son xoxoxoxoxo


Susan said...

Happy Birthday precious little Spidey! We all love you so much!! Little angel tow headed blue eyes! Kisses and hugs for your special day from Nana!!

GrittyPretty said...

blogger said my comment didn't work so i'm trying this again...

yay for oey! happy labor day to you! or maybe i should say "happy no pain baby gain day to you!"

Hoodoo Voodoo said...

Amy, what a beautiful video and a perfect song. And what an amazing baby Oey has been. I love him with all my heart. I love your entire little family. I started crying the second the video started :) You and Matt are the perfect couple and the perfect parents and I miss you guys every day.

Happy 3rd Birthday little baby Orion. How I love you so deeply. It's so crazy to think that when I met Oey he was only 7 months old!! I wish I was there to throw him up in the air and smother his little cheeks with all the kisses in the world. And then "do again", in his words.
Love you guys. Have a wonderful day celebrating with your adorable little man.

GrittyPretty said...

ha! my first comment did work! well, now for the third time...happy celebrations and festivities to the Beatties. =)

moonshinejunkyard said...

tears are rolling down my face. i love our Oey so much, as big as the stars in the sky. what a beautiful video capturing the most beautiful day, and amy i love how you tell the tale. it's a wise and wondrous one. i miss you guys so much and i agree with em, i want to smother oey with kisses today! what a perfect baby and child. to think, he was smiling hourly from the moment he was born. a unique and blessed child and family. i love you guys so much and you inpsire me constantly. happy birthday orion lowell smith beatty!

Lisa said...

Oh Amy, I'm so happy you were finally able to put this event into a slideshow! That was magical. I got goosebumps watching it, like I was right there with you! Homebirth mothers have a special place in my heart- most beautiful thing we'll ever do in this life. I love you girl.

Glory Watts said...

Happy Birthday Oey! I can't believe he is 3 either! I love the video Amy (and Matt) Orion still looks just like he did when he was born, only bigger! High Fives to Matt (or whoever it was) for getting those pictures of you during labor and delivery. You're a champ Amy!

It melts my heart to see Matt and Rachel around you holding your hand, supporting you! That means so much to a woman in labor!

Time goes by too fast! Enjoy your little super star and give him a hug for me!

AdieSpringB said...

Well Amy, I am just now seeing this tonight. Tears are rolling down my cheeks too. I now know for sure that I want to have my first baby in my house. Oey came easy, it makes perfect sense. Such a little love he is. I can't WAIT to see him again!!! And the whole sweet fam! Where did you get the baby pool? I have heard that midwives who bring their own pools cost a lot more, and I just kept wondering why people don't use kiddie pools? I guess people DO! My own sister-in-law. Well, at least I have someone to help encourage me when that time rolls around!!!! I will probably be 35 or 36, so I hope it's still possible to have a home birth, what with doctors that get so worried about every little thing all the time.

mooncowboy said...

raquel, your triple comments are very welcomed and appreciated! feel free to make more.

Thanks to everyone for the Oey birthday and video appreciate.

Adie, just for the record, our midwives PROVIDED the kiddie pool, believe it or not. very practical, and practiced obviously, since they brought it. i recommend home birth to all.

Chelsea said...

AMAZING! I'm so glad you posted this. It's especially close to home for me right now. We love you guys and I can't believe how fast they grow!! :)