Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I could cry!!!!!!!!!!!

but I'm not. SO upset. I was sitting here trying to catch up on a few BIG things. Like post pics of the kids first day of school - which is today. and also a pic of the half marathon we did on Saturday. Which was matts first. I had my memory card in the little thingy plugged into the computer all ready to go. I came here after posting some pics to facebook for my sister of her trip here. Then when I was all ready to post the Two most important pictures of the summer or end is then when my dear smart friend the computer told my I needed to plug that thingy in. Which I then remembered Oey playing down at my feet. I have asked him several times where it is and he says he can't find it and that it is in the movie theater, which is the disc drive. help me Rhonda. I can't find it either. So thats that. hoping matt will be able to find it when he gets home.

If we never do, this is what you would have seen
One very handsome HOT sweaty smiling guy, next to me holding a flower over my eyes. The sun was very bright. We were both so pleased to be done. Having trained for one and not having trained for one makes a big killer difference. My time was three minutes slower, so it was more of a 9:25 minute mile for 13.1 miles. Not too much slower but let me tell you this. Last time I could sprint across the finish line and felt GREAT - not sore one bit. But this time, oh man. SOOOOOO SOOOO SOOOOO sore. doesn't describe it. I felt like I couldn't even lift my legs to run or walk I don't know how I crossed the finish line. Matt was not as sore but slowed it down a tiny bit for the last three miles. he was still under 10 minute miles. So yes, we are glad it is DONE. we are proud of our untrained times :)

And then this morning Jarom and Bella look so cute and sleepy in their new outfits. Jarom picked out all black vans and was wearing Shawn Whites clothing line from target. He likes those skateboarding monsters and cute button up plaids. He looked like a mini Matt.
Bella had picked out some purple slip on shoes, so I made sure her back to school clothes had some purple in them. We got some really cute dresses and a skirt. I couldn't wait to see what one she was going to wear. But when she got up today she was cold and wanted to wear the one pair of capris we got her that are bright green with a pink top that had shoes on it and then also wore her new grey sweater on top of it, she claims she was very cold. Bella had laid out all her new clothes out in outfits across the living room floor - and by outfits and new, half are used, but new to her. Matt thought it was so funny. And I told him I could remember doing that. Thinking ahead for the whole week. Guess it's just a girl thing.
Matt got to take them to their new school where I hope we will be very happy and successful. I am excited that some of the supplies they wanted for the school are: crochet hooks, yarn, buttons - cute and funky are popular with the kids, needles and thread, scrap fabric, glitter, beads and so on.......
Jarom left today without combing his hair - like always but today he had a cute fuzzy bunny tail on the side of his head :) Hope I can surprise you guys tomorrow with the real pics. xoxo


Sarah said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you lost your card, but hopefully it will show up soon. Congrats on the marathon--I couldn't do that trained or untrained--you are amazing!

Heather said...

congrats on your race you two!!! how awesome - Matt and I want to do a full marathon come 2012 (get in post baby shape) so I feel like if I tell people it might happen for me.

Can't wait to see pics

Katt said...

That's so sad! However, congrats on the marathon. Super cool!

Glory Watts said...

Yay Matt and Amy! I can't believe I haven't talked to you about your half marathon yet. I thought you had an injured heel. Did that get better? I hope to see pictures of your kids on the first day of school someday.