Friday, September 3, 2010

How in the world

I'm all out of blogging shape. So it's posted a little backwards. This is Jarom leaving on his first day of school. I just couldn't let go and say good bye.

Running to the car. LATE. like everyday of our lives.

My big boy

And big girl. Me and O miss them so..

And the race pic!!!

How in the world is one supposed to blog when they are busy running rampant. I'm lightyears behind and want to catch up. And I need to because this is my scrapbook that I want to print up for the kids so I don't want to leave anything out. They are my world. So hopefully pretty soon here, one by one they will all get done. I have one problem though. I tend to just post about events and adventures. But some of the really important day to day things I never get around to. Which I think are the things that will keep me up at night missing them when they are gone :( So I think I am going to try and post something every Monday. Just a moment, a time, a smile, a face I don't want to forget.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh amy you almost make me want to cry, you are so sweet and your life so beautiful. it is so true about the daily moments and i LOVEEEELLLLOVEEE LOVVEEE your monday idea. the only reason i am pretty good at blogging regularly is because, like you, i see it as a scrapbook and i am obsessed with documentation. can't waaaaiittt for our trip. can't wait to kiss those little buggers. jarom and bella are big kids now!??! can't believe it and they are smart little whippersnappers and we are going to see the world together. i love you guys.

Lisa said...

Matt, congratulations on your first half-marathon. That is quite the feat. Amy, you are amazing. I think of you now every time I go running and am inspired by your mile time for thirteen of them. I would like to know some of the secrets of your training. We should schedule a run together sometime when you are out here! Love and miss you.

mooncowboy said...

Thanks Lisa! It felt good--though it was hard. We're planning on doing another one down Provo Canyon (past Sundance) the day before Halloween. Should be beautiful. And cold. In costume.

Carrie said...

Your kids are all getting so big! And they are beautiful!