Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Party Boy

My boy, Jarom turns 8 tomorrow!!!!!!

Last week he was first in line for the newest Wimpy Kid book. He devoured it on the spot. He loves them and has read them all twice. Matt and I have thought about writing the author and thanking them for getting our son to LOVE reading. No better gift.

Jarom and Bella at the Wimpy Kid party at the bookstore, full of games and prizes. It was so fun to watch Jarom. He really knows these books inside and out and would yell out the answers so excitedly. They both won a Wimpy Kid silly band - good as gold, to us anyway. :)

Jarom had an early party on Saturday. He wanted to plan the whole thing. The colors were green and gray - for The Legend of Zelda, the video game. And he planned the activities. Playing with his robots, playing the Wii and a piƱata. He let me add Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Jarom opening his first gift from Matt and I. It was too sweet. He desperately tried to unwrap the gift with such care, he wanted to save the wrapping. And the heartbreaking thing is, I still threw it away - Matt is going to read this and cry.

Nothing like getting your very own box of sugar cereal.

This was a little crazy but it worked and kept us in the warm house


My desperate attempt to make a Link (Zelda) cake - it is a shield with the Triforce and a million sprinkles.

Daddy and our boy


moonshinejunkyard said...

awwww JAROM IS SO RAD!!! i can't believe eight years have gone by since that fateful night i was working the graveyard shift and found out you were having him that night! i will never forget how radiant you looked amy, the night before you were going into labor with your rosy cheeks and such a glow. his party looked amazing and i personally think you cake absolutely rocks. can't wait for him to be here!!! we'll have another little celebration for him! so you are traveling today, right?! oh my goodness!!!! so exciting....are you all packed for nz? what a year of adventures. i can't wait to hug those kids so tight and have a whole bunch of fun with them!!! love you guys and happy birthday jarom!!

Rachel said...

I want you to be my Mom! This is the best party ever. I love that he planned everything. I think you are going to Australia or New Zealand or both? At least that´s what I remember you saying and according to moonshine´s comment, I think you are. Have so much fun!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Jarom! I remember the day you were born! You were such a cute baby!! Love you and can't wait to be at your baptism!!

Katt said...

You're a good mom, even if you throw away sentimental wrapping paper. :)