Tuesday, November 9, 2010

whirling, twirling Fall

The leaves are dropping fast now and even snow is slighting falling where leaves once were.
I LOVE fall and all its wonders. Our mountains change so quickly. From end of summer sunbaked brown and honey-colored weeds to bright golds, fiery reds and burnt orange. And to have it all out my front window, makes me warm, merry and cozy to the bone. Let's not forget all the other goodies that come along with dancing leaves.

Moon up not wanting to miss all the fun. It is the perfect day for The Dirty Dash.

We were able to get there in time to see Matt and his teammates cross the finish line - which is crawling through this mud pit :) He is the one just going under the last line of flags.

Meet the Dirty Bastards. April, Matt, Alene, Tyler and sorry dude on the end. I don't know you (Kris, says Matt).

Kisses for Daddy

The one clean spot.

Last but not least a cold crowed community shower. So worth it. I hope I get to do this one day, and you would too if you could have seen the GIANT slip-n-slide that goes down the whole length of a mountainside.

School Carnival

Happy fish catcher.

And this is where I spent my evening, in charge of the cakewalk.

And yes, sometimes my kids were the only ones there - showing the others of course how fun it is and could be.

Happy Birthday to ME!! 29! For some reason I tell people I am a year older than I really am, never on purpose but I don't think I'm going to have that problem this year.

Me and my best friends

I love ice cream cake especially when shaped like a pumpkin.

Halloween Parade. The school lined the hallways with chairs so parents and family could come watch and cheer.

Little Red Riding Hood

Captain America

Bella finally made her way to the booth I was working for the Halloween party 2 min before it was over.

Watching the kids trick-or-treat at Matt's work. Don't ask. Everyone wanted to know who or what I was. Can't I just be festive in my own way? I was going to be a pumpkin but then decided I didn't want black triangle eyes and nose for the rest of the weekend. And don't worry, I did dress up two other times.

Oey so joyful over the amount of free candy at every angle - And that face looks just like my sister Glory at that age. Too great.

Taking a break to dig in. They complained that their bags were too heavy and they wanted us to hold them. They didn't get any sympathy from us.

My Heaven which slowly turned to Hell and then I said - what the heck. It is only once a year. Who cares if I only eat candy for ten days straight? Got to see the light and enjoy.

Boo at the Zoo. Trick-or-treating with cousin Milly. We also visited haunted houses and trick or treated at the church.

My homegrown jack-o-lantern

The real All Hallow's Eve.

A picture that Matt took that pleases the eye.

Oey, holding on to those Halloween books. Eager for Halloween to come again. Which it will, all too soon and not soon enough.


moonshinejunkyard said...

amy i waited all night to look at this post. i made myself do all the other things i had to do first, so i could really enjoy it, every little bit. and OH HOW I HAVE. i am the silliest over pictures of you guys and the kids. i ogle every tiny detail with great interest. for example, YOUR SKIRT at the first party, you look so wonderful and cheery and rad, i just want to sweep you up off the ground! and the fact that your kids hung around to teach the others how fun the cake walk is...so adorable and so heartwarming. i love everything about this post, and how you talk about your pretty pumpkin outfit, and oey's ecstatic face that looks like glory's (even i can see it and i never knew glory as a wee babe, but its clear as day!) and then jarom's proud face in the parade, like he just spotted you and he is waving and he is the handsomest little captain america i have ever seen. and bella in her adorable whale sweater with that sweet jack o lantern grin, and they are your best friends (!) i am crying. seriously, and the one that takes the cake for me is the family photo at your house on your front step. you guys are my dream family. you and matt just radiant with love and peace, and those kids so goofy and happy and silly and wonderful and imaginative and amazing. i am not kidding, i am crying over how much i love you all. and i get to be your family and see you SOOOOOON!!!!

Jaime said...

Fun post. Thanks for the picture of the mountains (I miss those mountains....), happy birthday, and what cute kids!