Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring breakin with the fam

I woke the kids bright and early after throwing clothes in bags and loaded them up in the car in the early morning dark. Our drive went by quick and before we knew it we were at Grandma's.

The boys frantically pet Skippy. In all honesty, the kids look forward to playing with everyone's pets just as much as like to see the family.

Grandma stayed warm with the boys and books.

Little cousin Teddy was kind enough to let us stay at his soon-to-be house in Roseville - Tyler's home (Dolly's fiance). I slept on the couch and woke to the kids playing with Rosie.

Dolly and I spent all morning making veggie sushi rolls. Thanks to Tyler who shopped for everything late the night before while we all slept.

We made it to town just in time for cousin Ivy's party.

My brother William and his baby boy Wolf. You have never seen a prouder, sweeter daddy. He boasts that he has never met a more polite baby boy than his own.

My sister-in-law Jess - mommy to Ivy and Wolf (she calls him Sam).

Four generations of Beattys!! Grandma Georgie turned 99 in February and has lived alone for years. She is full of chuckles and spirit. She had been in the hospital for the last few weeks, so we are so glad she is home again and recovering well. She really would like to make it to 100, but feels unsure as of now if she will. Heather just made the very sweetest post about her.

Playing with our Sacramento cousins.

They live in such a quite, sweet nook in Sac.

Kim was sweet enough to set them up so they could all sleep together. But after a few hours we moved my kids into my room. Jarom later told me they were having a secret party that the parents didn't know about, with graham crackers and flashlights. :)

Elijah had to get up early and go to school. The twin cousins - since they are the closest cousins in age - just a few days apart. Elijah was born a whole month early. We like to think it was because he missed his best friend Bella.

Jarom also claims him as a best friend.

Which is great since Elijah has a little sister, Julianna, who is full of spunk.

I was able to squeeze my best friend Lisa and her kids in between family visits. We met up at the Cameron Park library and were actually able to catch up a tiny bit.

Lucky for us, our Nana works there and keeps treats and collects books for us when we come.

We made it full circle and ended up back at Grandma's.

Willow dying to get her hands on one of them chicks.

My parent's house is my haven. We walk this trail around the house daily. My mom even showed me her new little hostel on the hillside, where she has two salamander friends and a cricket. She can't walk by without checking on them.

The view from the deck

(zoomed-in) The waterfall looks distant in the above picture, but it takes no time at all to get there. Under the falls was our favorite swimming hole growing up. I'm hoping to finally take my kids there this summer.

My sister Merry came down the mountain from her home in the pines. Today, April 21st, is her birthday. Happy birthday sweet Merry!!! Anyone who has ever met Merry knows she could not go by any other name.

We got to visit Nana again after she got off work. She had just moved two weeks before to this adorable place.

Right over the city pool. The kids are going to love visiting in the summer.

Nana watched the kids for a bit so I could stop by my sister-in-law Emily's birthday party.

The theme was 1960's Velvet Underground.

Heather and Darin dressed perfectly.

Us girls - all in black and white.

Me and the glowing birthday girl.

Our trip was short. But so worth it. I woke early, desperately missing my honey (still in that dress) and started our drive back home. We made it to Lake Tahoe just in time for the sunrise. There were no goodbyes, for we will be back before any of us knows it.


moonshinejunkyard said...

you came, you saw, you conquered!!! such a whirlwind, jam packed with so much fun. it was good to see you a little bit and the cuties, no matter how briefly. you were shuttled around to every little cozy nook and cranny of this big old family tree! love you guys, miss you already, can't wait till next month. LOVE YOU! xoxoxox

Chelsea said...

You are so amazing. I can't believe how many times you make that trip. What a great investment in family. Such a great example. We miss you guys!