Friday, April 8, 2011

collecting dust

Catching dust and making banana bread for the umpteenth time seems to be the bulk of what we have been doing around here.

The simplest joys of childhood, too bad it seems as though you can never catch any, but that is also what makes it such fun.

Crusty dead

Now lush and alive. That's right. We have been planting like mad over here. Which happens to be one of our favorite things to do as a family. The kids love to help me pick out all the seeds and plants and we all love to play in the dirt, waking up our fellow worm neighbors. I'm also in the process of planting my very first bulbs - over 100 of them. Can't wait to see if I did it right!!!

Not only the sun came to pay us a visit but my family!! Well, what's left of it at home :)

Baby Joe, who is too tall and had to duck under the doorways in my midget basement, who can do a backflip whenever and wherever he feels like it. Great fun to watch those long legs fly through the air - very impressive.

And baby sis Dolly! We went to all the thrift shops looking for WEDDING DRESSES!! We have decided to try our hand at sewing......... wish us luck.

What was supposed to be a pleasant early morning walk.

It's hard to tell how much blood that is. That little twig is probably over a foot long. We are not sure what happened but I looked up to see my mom faceplanted on the sidewalk. She told me she was going to catch up with Bella (who was on her bike) and took off running. I looked down just for a moment to tell Orion to hurry the heck up (who is also on a bike). It was SHOCKING, to say the least, to see my mom on the ground NOT moving. A runner got to her before I did and told me to call 911. I thought no way jose and I was glad he didn't have a phone and I called my dad to hurry and get over here quick - he was birdwatching. I was glad to have the runner and then another one by that time because truth be told, I was frightened. She looked very shaken up and I could tell she was overwhelmed and confused. I was taken back by how badly she was bleeding from her forehead into her hair and coming from her mouth. She was afraid she was going to lose all her teeth.

Next thing we knew the firefighters, cops, and an ambulance were there to save the day. I panicked and told them we didn't call them. They said someone else did. But they were so great and friendly.

They cleaned her all up to make sure she didn't need stitches and asked her all kinds of questions. She was sharp as a whip so they let us on our way and told us to call if we needed anything.

It helps that we were only half - yes HALF a block away from my house. Mom keeping to the grass. We think she must have fainted because she has no idea how she got there - on the ground that is - and there was no sign of her having tried to catch herself. It was very frightening. And poor Mom just kept apologizing. Half of her face swelled and turned all sorts of colors. Her upper lip looked like it got pumped up to the max with collagen but she lost no teeth. She did get a serious black eye though. It was heartbreaking to look at her.

The next day proved to be better.

Out the front window, but look up and see


It makes the prettiest backdrop for nature

And makes you enjoy the snow even though it's April, that blue says the snow is not here to stay.

Sunday walks or runs in this case

to cotton candy clouds

and catching up with these speed demons

We walked up up up as far as the road would go and enjoyed the view ... then the race was on. It got real cold as that blazing ball of fire set behind the mountains.

Special delivery!

I never ever thought I would have a baby grand piano. But then again, I never wanted one. But Jerry, our kids' piano teacher, found a killer deal for us and insisted we couldn't pass it up. There's Jerry on the left. He took a ton more photos of it then I did. :) He is one of those people who are so sickeningly sweet that it kills you. And not because you know they are going to ask for something in return - it is just that he is naturally sweet because that is who he is. He is a heartmelter. We love him xoxoxo

We are off to stay a cabin right out of Zion National Park for the weekend. We booked this months ago not once thinking that the government was going to shut down all national parks on us. Anyone else feeling the pain? We will make the most of the unique but beautiful land. It has been raining and snowing on and off all day, maybe we will just stay cozy in the cabin. To ZION!!

our last time there: 3/09

our first time: 4/08


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh no amy, your poor mama!!! she was so good about it all! i guess all that abundant energy took her right over the edge this time, so glad to see her back in action the very next day and she still looks pretty, even with swollen face.

and dolly!!! so excited for her!!!

good luck in zion. i didn't know that was going on with the govt. at the post office today there was a weird notice on the door regarding the "federal shut down" i was like, what the heck is that? i still don't understand. is that really happening? never heard of such a thing.

well my dears how i love you and how i would love to see you sooooonnnn!!!!

p.s. i have the worst toothache in the whole wide world. i know i sound cheerful but all the while i am holding my face in my hands moaning. it's crazy.

p.p.s. and meanwhile all i can REALLY think about is how bad i want a baby, and how am i gonna get one. i knew you would appreciate that. i was thinking, being a godmother to my friends' babies and relatives is not going to cut it. i need my own BABIES!!!

p.p.s. i think i am going batty due to this toothache. me and your mom should hang out and be fuzzy-headed together :)

Suzana said...

sooo jealous of your beautiful piano. enjoy it!

Cheri Sharp said...

That's so sad about your mom. I can't believe you busted out your camera and took pictures. You're too funny. It made for a good blog post.

Carol said...

Jerry is a keeper, isn't he? I am so glad your mom was ok, too. Scary!