Tuesday, August 5, 2008

odds and ends of the Beattys summer

Summer reading club



We most definitely don't get enough of these, we bathe at the water park.

get plenty of these, jarom loves to wash the windows whenever we get gas

jarom looking up a spider he caught in our house!

He is on to you little buddy. he thinks you are a very poisonous spider

Jarom and one of the games he makes up. I believe this is one where you had to throw a bouncy ball at our house and then the kids will run inside and gift you with one of their toys

floating down the river


lots of time getting all dolled up

Our humble pool

oey loves the street and the gutter.


crazy christensen family said...

I love these photos! I was surprised to see one of my own on one of them. Hopefully there will be more moments to take pictures together before the summer is over. Don't you love it when your kids are good friends with their own siblings! I think jarom and bella have a similar relationship as kaleb and karly.

Paul & Rachel said...

I love the yoga, your form is AMAZING!! By the way, Dax starts school on the 18th and he goes T-Fri 8:40 AM to 11:35. Mondays are just 8:40-10:45. London is the same time but no school on Mondays. Let me know your new schedule so we can plan stuff. Also, for August only it's $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point, let's go when you get back! Love ya!

heather said...

jarom is so freaking crafty-clever! oh how i love these astoundingly beautiful and talented children. you guys are doing a great thing on this earth just being you. i love it so.

Glory Watts said...

I love the picture of Oey while you guys are doing yoga, he looks like he just blends right in to that little corner there. You guys really did have a fun, Crazy busy summer! love you!

Maria said...

Looks like the summer was packed full with fun!

Heidi Daniels said...

And it's not even "officially" over yet! And I didn't know Merry was due for a 5th, oh wow!! Lots of babies!

Suzana said...

hey amy! your blog is so cute! i love it!

Katebug said...

YOUR SUMMER LOOKS LIKE IT HAS BEEN SO FUN! :] Bella looks so cute in that little princess dress!
Ouch about Jarom falling! That is so cute that he makes up games!
I miss you guys! Hope to see you sometime soon ;]
Love Kait

Kari said...

Such cute pictures, Amy. Love the Yoga shots. It always makes me laugh when Austin says, "mom, I need to stretch", and busts out a down dog! Pretty impressive to have such a good window washer, and I love the sidewalk chalk "Bella" picture! Looks like a fun summer. You're an awesome momma!

Adie B said...

ok. Those kids are too awesome! Jarom researching his sure find of a poisonous spider! Bella looking gorgeous! Oey in the gutter! love love love

Momma said...

Such wondrous adventures you have had this summer!