Sunday, August 17, 2008

To Carrie and Brandon

Don't worry about missing that hike! We didn't end up going either! Instead we came home from church to get your message that you couldn't make it up to Provo. Matt calls you, Brandon, maybe trying to re-plan it for another day. In the meantime, Jarom wants pumpkin cookies. He digs out a can of pumpkin and the can opener and while Matt is on the phone with you, he explains that the can opener is very sharp. Guides Jarom through it all and leaves Jarom, and continues talking on the phone and does one lap in the house. Out of the kitchen that leads to the bathroom, to the bed room and into the living room back to the kitchen right in time to see Jarom scream with blood gushing from his hand. I run back to the church (which is in our back yard) to see if the bishop is still there, and if he can look at Jarom's hand. Our bishop is also a doctor. Of course he is more than willing to check it out. It wouldn't be the first time he has been called to look at one of Jarom's wounds. Hopefully maybe the last though. Knock on wood. So Matt runs Jarom back to the church, and it stopped gushing right in time for the bishop to look at it. Thanks to Matt's expertises and making jarom hold his hand over his head. Bishop says take him to rapid care. Jarom really didn't want to hear that. So in the end Matt and Jarom were gone all afternoon and even ran into a fellow neighbor there with his son who had a burn. We were all too glad when Jarom came bounding in the door with a snowman thumb and NO stitches! Happy Day!! So, yes. Lets re-plan our hike. We sure did have fun with you on Thursday though. Some pictures to remind you how beautiful this world is and let's try to live outside as much as possible to really enjoy it. Especially while the weather is still perfect. Love you. Sorry you had to work at the last minute Carrie. Till next time!

The happy lad with the snowman thumb

Just realized that I didn't actually tell you what cut him. It was the lid. ouch!

Our hike to Cecret Lake.

The family

Our new friends

Of course out of all of Jaroms shoes he wears his cheap old navy flip flops that break within the first few steps of the hike and Matt has to carry him the whole way.

Bye Carrie, keep it real. Sorry I don't have any pictures of you and Matt, Brandon.


heather said...

i am not carrie or brandon but i sure loved this crazy story! you and carrie are the absolute cutest little cousins, amy, and that lake is the perfect spot to hike to! i can't believe jarom, the little rascal, he was brave though huh?! so grateful nothing too extreme happened, and i love the pictures. we keep planning rebound hikes that just aren't really happening. it has been more than a hundred every day, so instead we just jump in water whether my pool or the river, float about and drink diet coke and be lazy. miss you guys!

Carrie and Brandon Petersen said...

Amy I am so sad we missed the hike and sad Jarom cut his finger. Lets get together soon. I'm glad you got the picture of the creature. :) See you soon. Carrie*

Carrie and Brandon Petersen said...
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Carrie and Brandon Petersen said...

This is Brandon commenting this time. I just wanted to say that I was a little disappointed that I didn't make it into any of your photos of our Cecret Lake adventure. That's okay, though. I guess I'll just have to be more photogenic on our next hike. Maybe a hat or some kind of interesting broach will do the trick.

Maria said...

I hope Jarom is ok!! Nice that your bishop is a Dr.
I love Cecret Lake. I haven't been up there yet this year. Sad! Maybe we can all go sometime!

Heidi Daniels said...

My mom did something similar, but it went down and into the very bottom of her nail, oucheeees! I'm glad little guy was ok! lids on cans need to come with a warning on the label! Even for adults!