Monday, December 8, 2008

photos from our southeast utah trip

Yeah, this is a bit late. But I did it so I'm telling you about it. I finally uploaded all our photos and created a set on Flickr from our trip across magnificent southeast Utah in June.

Check out the complete photoset below if you're interested:
Southeast Utah trip photoset

Here's a taste of some of the family ones we took:

house on fire ruins

mesa arch

on the cave spring trail

on whale rock

granary ruin off aztec butte trail


heather said...

man, doesn't it make you miss summer?! i love camping so much. which picture is your favorite? i think mine might be "on the cave spring trail," although i'm not sure...they are all so cute!

mooncowboy said...

Heather, I think that one's my favorite too. It was such a beautiful day/evening then.

I just fixed the links so you can tell they actually link to the photoset . . . the color of the text wasn't blue before.

Glory Watts said...

I've had Christmas cards on the brain lately, so when I see all your amazing family photos I can't help but to think, "wow, that would make a good card." You guys are always hiking and exploring something I think it would be so fitting to send out a picture (if your doing a card this year) of your family on one of your adventures. I love them all. btw, Amy, you look like mom in the whale rock picture (a young version of course) beautiful family as always!

Amy Beatty said...

Take it back Glory, NONE of those pictures are Christmas card worthy and you know it! And I'm so happy you found your phone!

Adie B said...

Guys, the cave spring trail one is Christmas card worth to the max. PLEASE send it out! You are just the most beautiful little human family. I love it. Maybe if lots of little families get a Christmas card with a pic like THAT on it, they will try to up the bar and go on their own summer hike with their own babes next year, and think of the chain-effect you would have on young families all over, as they take days off from work and routine to go out and explore the wide wide world of wild and nature. I love you all and I am getting VERY excited to come to see you those days RIGHT before Christmas!


Ali said...

You guys are so adventurous! I love to see all your photos of the great trips you go on. Cute cute family!!!