Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We got to meet up with my little sister Merry and her four kids at the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake. They are in town for the holiday!

Bella and Anna shopping

Henry working the crane with Oey and Jarom as loaders.

Peeping in the mouse hole.

Mail call

Gloria, Merry, Emma, Bella and Merry's mother in law Colleen .

Next day was Thanksgiving! We got to share it with a bunch of family from my mom's side, which was really fun since I didn't grow up next to them and all of their fun traditions. My Nana goes all out when it comes to Holidays and she always has a million of the cutest homemade decorations all made by her own little hands. There's Matty sitting between Aunt Martha and cousin Spencer.

My Nana and Papa, the great hostesses!

Us and the Petersons. My young cousin took this one, that's why it is pointed right at our growing tummies.

Uncle Matt gave us all the greatest massage ever in between all the very competitive game playing.

Next day we drove down to St. George to see my other sister who also came to Utah for Thanksgiving. We packed in some swimming and In N Out runs. And as you can see some miniature golf.

Me, Glow and little growing Ruby. There was some betting going on, and the people in this picture didn't win.

O and Z up to no good.

Digging for our balls

That night they had a temple lighting. It was such a neat experience, they had a little program which I heard nothing of and then some Christmas carols and in the middle of singing the lights popped on. It was truly beautiful and our pictures don't do it justice.

Matt and the model, some guy took a million pictures of Oey looking at the lights. Don't ask me why. You can't really tell in the photo but he has two big red bug bites- not so pretty.


And of course some playing in the leaves

This was the type of picture the guy was taking. (And here's where it ended up!)

Me and Boo

The next day Amy and Glory went to the temple and I took the kids on a hike out by the Santa Clara River, where we could see some petroglyphs up close and personal. This is Jarom on the cliffs at Land Hill. It must have been a one hundred foot drop, and was a little nervewracking because it was like that the whole time.

the first petroglyph panel we found (Jarom found)

Bella keeping watch over Oey. All Oey wanted to do was find potholes and fill them with rocks.

some of the ancient rock art we got to see

rambling along

Next day again. Matt took the kids on a hike and I went to the temple with Glory and got to feel Ruby move all around. This and the next picture are funny to me and most likely to Glory when she sees them. Matt took these in secret hiding.

We were trying to make Glory's tummy really poke out in the pictures.

This one is not from Matt. I always have the greatest time going to the temple with glory. I know it will be just like heaven. We are just little angels making merriment, giggling and our hearts are overflowing with such love and peace. We said goodbye after this, sooo sad.

On the drive home we took a small but amazing detour through Kolob Canyon. The setting sun just highlighted all the beauty and wonder.

Our one kid who would brave the wind, Oey would have but was asleep. We just wished we had enough time to do a hike. We will have to come back down when we are sick of the cold.

Matt and I in front of Beatty Point- no lie!



Adie B said...
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Adie B said...

oh my world! There's so much stuff i want to say about every pic, but I loved them all so much, I don't know where to begin! I wish I had a side scroll bar so I could look over it a second time and comment on pics. First off, Amy, you look so much like your Mom's side of the family, and Glory does too even moreso! Secondly, that Temple picture is absolutely perfect. I can't believe the lighting. If it was any better than that photo in real life, well then I can't imagine what I would have done. Sung out loud, perhaps. Matt AND Oey both look like models in that one pic... and you and Glory do as well in that front of Temple photo. Oh and all the children, so beautiful and glowing and wonderful. Oh I can't wait to have kids. Everyday Art hears about it more. And I know it's so selfish AND superficial of me, but I just hope they are pretty cute, even if it's a unique cuteness. I guess it's not totally selfish because I want them to have normal lives and know that they are just as cute as their cousins! Seriously all your guys' kids are the most adorable little wonders. But I am so scared my kids are going to be disastrous looking....what with my failing self esteem and Art's over-confident sass .....Scares me to death they might turn out like little gremlins. Yikes!

But anyways, thank you so much for your blogs. I love how the photos go back and forth from all you humans in the midst of pure nature, to family gatherings, to play-construction sites, to temples, back to pure nature. I just hope that one day my life will have such fulfillment! Hopefully it will! And I will live in our own family village!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Your family is beautiful, no surprise there. I love holidays with the fam.
The hike by Santa Clara River looked really amazing, seeing Petroglyphs never gets old!
Beatty Point! Everyone needs a lake or a gulch or a canyon named after them…I am now on the search for Lichty Point

heather said...

what a beautiful blog guys. i like that you co-wrote it...and like addie said it shifts from natural to manmade wonders so gracefully. you guys had so much fun for thanksgiving! i love that you even threw in some mini golf. it's true, all of you look gorgeous and glowing and healthy. no wonder that guy wanted to photograph oey; i hope his photos get famous in some magazine. i miss you guys so much and amy you look radiant and can you tell me what kind of lip gloss you have because i love it!

love you all!

Kari said...

SO cute Amy. I love the pics of your kids being creative. I love what you said about the temple. It is just always special going with sisters isn't it? LOVE Matt's picture of you feeling Glory's belly! Hahaa. Great position--looks like you're about to deliver it! :)

Paul and Rachel said...

How fun! I love seeing pics of everybody I haven't seen in a long time like Merry and her kids, Glory and Paul's family, your mom's family who I haven't seen in years but they all still looked so familiar to me! What a fun Thanksgiving! Love you!

Heather said...

love your photos and wish i could have seen Merry and Glory too

i always love coping good ides too.if you see something for cousin day let me know as i have a few easy crafts in mind!

let me know how the fair is

Glory Watts said...

I miss you guys so much already!! I'm so glad you guys came down to St. George to visit us, I just wish we could have played longer. I love the shots Matt took of us admiring my awesome belly. I love you guys to pieces!

Sierra Brown said...

wow- so cool all your photos! Art and i are jealous you got to be in Zion! Your family is so adventurous, we miss you guys!

Heidi Daniels said...

Awww! Glory looks so cute! You too! For a minute there, I was like wait - Amy's family was nearby...ohhhh, that's dads side! I really like St. George. If I was ever there, I'd go climb up on the red rocks out towards Ivins, and watch the sunset on the temple, so pretty! My brothers girlfriend is a missionary at the temple! Sorry I didn't tell you before hand so you could've tracked down the new cousin-in-law!

Momma said...

Wow, as usual you guys fit so much into a short period of time. Did you spend the night in St. George? It's a long drive isn't it? That hike you did with the kids would have made me a nervous wreck huh Mattie? But it was beautiful. I loved that Bella was watching over Oey and that he wanted to put rocks in all the holes!
Amy I am so glad that you got to be with your family for Thanksgiving! You have a beautiful and loving family. What a great support system, everwhere you go there is someone that you know and love. I miss you all, give my babes a hug and kiss from Nana