Tuesday, December 16, 2008

famous beatty

I posted this on our family blog too, but I'll put it here as well. It's pretty fun. Basically, Oey is now famous. Click the link below to check it out. (The picture is from a certain holiday trip we went on.)

famous Orion

Monday, December 15, 2008

December, so far

We had to travel way upstate to find a tree farm. Of course we got there at closing but the kind man with a real Santa beard handed us a spotlight and wished us luck. We were on a mission in the dark to find the perfect tree over ten feet tall (they are the cheaper ones). We saw a ton of beauties, but we could tell they were only 6 and 8 feet tall. We finally found one that we thought was tall enough and not too wide, because most of the 10 footers are huge.

Matt cutting down the tree. Jarom and Oey would not leave him alone, it's a man thing. Matt took a break at one point and I thought I would give it a go, it was taking a while and I was cold and thought I would get the show on the road. Yeah, no luck. I couldn't even get the saw to budge. I really thought it would be easier. I then had to leave Matt and Jarom to finish the work they had begun and took Bella to the car. She had been crying the whole time because she was cold and wanted Daddy to hold her.

I took this from the car and as you can see it ended up not being 10 feet. I think it was 9 and a half but again the kind old man gave us the 10 footer deal and then Matt cut some more off the tree.

Jarom was so excited and dragged the tree to the car.

And there it goes to the top of the car.

The kids were really bummed that we didn't put it up that night but we got home so late. So the next day the kids and I couldn't wait for Matt to get home to put it up so I got to work. I was so pleased with myself when I got it to stand. It was a ton of hard work holding the tree up with one hand when trying to screw it down. You can imagine my disappointment when I stood up to see this!

The star

Everyone needs a turn. You can see we didn't really deck it out. We bought a little set of straw ornaments and those sparkly balls. We are planning on the kids making the rest. And let me tell you, that's what I need to take a picture of, because Jarom has taken it to heart and has been working away with lots of tape, Bella moreso with the pipe cleaners.

My cousin Sarah and her boyfriend showing us a dance from their dance class. While we were watching Bella whispered in Matt's ear that she wished he would dance with her like that.

And she got exactly what she wanted. Just beautiful. Way to go Matt, making her dreams come true one at a time.

We were up in Midway at my aunt's house. Me and Bella with Madison. It was her baptism day.

The whole Fellows clan, minus one.

Carrie, me and Aunt Whitney.

Martha has the sweetest kids. We love being with them. They make us all feel so special.

Then we all went to another gingerbread festival. Oey's favorite was the choo choo.

Martha's ward building was decked out with nativities. Bella is next to the ice one.

Bet you've never seen this before. I thought it was great.

The little lamb

Jarom, Bella and cousin Halle

the cousins

We loved looking at all the nativities from around the world, so awesome.

One night we walked downtown with our friends Bennett and Michelle to check out Provo's live nativity. I was very impressed. When I heard the words live nativity I thought it was just going to be people dressed up standing still. So the kids and I were blown away with all the cute little animals. I love Oey's little pleasant face in this picture, and as you can see he colors on his hand whenever he gets hold of a pen.

Hi baby goat

I got to pet the woolly lamb

Jarom, Bennett and Michelle

had to stop to warm up at a new cute cafe in town, so sad that we have to share.

Making gingerbread houses with Bennett and Michelle

never gets old around here

Provo is so cute. The first Friday of the month they always have all their fire pits going with marshmallows to toast. During the downtown art gallery stroll.

Finally walked over to Maestro's to try their famous gelato.

making goodies for Christmas caroling. These cookies were the best, made with spiced chai tea.

Daddy helped too.

The kids got worried about giving their favorite ones away so they ate them


Bella got ready all on her own. She reminds me so much of her aunt Adie. Notice the pink eyes, mine will make an appearance soon.

A little snow is so pleasing to the soul


The ward Christmas party was so fun. Matt even had a line, it started something like this - hear ye hear ye.....

Jarom and his buddy

O and miss pinkeye - not really pink one or I wouldn't have been there. I know Oey's is the one that really looks pink but it is just from a brown marker he found and colored on his hand and then rubbed his eye and nose.

Provo had a Christmas farmers market in the snow.

It was cold and wet but we just couldn't miss it.

Warming up by the fire.

Getting fresh donuts!

And of course we are with Bennett and Michelle, our last group hangout for now. Michelle moved to S. Ca today and Bennett will leave in a few days. SOO sad. Bella sipping her lavender hot cocoa, Oey came home with a new beanie and we all came home crying because our toes were ice. This is our third winter in Utah, you would think we would be prepared for this, but no. The next thing we did was a first. We went over to Target and spent more money on snow boots then we do on our shoes. So hopefully we will be able to enjoy this beautiful winter a little more and no more leaving early because we can't STAND the COLD.

Monday, December 8, 2008

photos from our southeast utah trip

Yeah, this is a bit late. But I did it so I'm telling you about it. I finally uploaded all our photos and created a set on Flickr from our trip across magnificent southeast Utah in June.

Check out the complete photoset below if you're interested:
Southeast Utah trip photoset

Here's a taste of some of the family ones we took:

house on fire ruins

mesa arch

on the cave spring trail

on whale rock

granary ruin off aztec butte trail