Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance!! We always make it at least once during the Film Festival. This year we really enjoyed it because no one was there. Usually it is packed to the max, can't find parking, a place to walk without getting run over. We got to walk on the sidewalk and stay in our little group.

Eating our sweet treats.

My family!!!

My honey getting us something warm to drink.

Last but surely not least. We got $100 for going to a meeting and eating food. The kids were stoked. We gave them their share and hit up the outlets. Just so happens the one toy store was going out of business. They each got a toy, but everything was 80% off so it only cost them like a buck. That money was burning a hole in their pocket so we then went to Harry and David's for some more goodies. Bella and I also got some sunglasses. Which I desperately needed and Bella already has a small collection. It was a happy day. We even ate dinner at Matt's favorite store - Whole Foods. I haven't even told you the best part yet. I ran into the Nard!!!! Thats right - Andy Benard! - from the greatest show ever, The Office. I didn't run into him in Park City but at the airport the day before which made me very excited to go to Sundance the next day. I was secretly hoping to run into him again. He kind of didn't say anything when I told him I loved him! I don't know, maybe I just read him wrong!!!


heather said...

i think he was just too shy! slinking away up the escalator like that, the NARD DOG! i miss him already.

you look beautiful in your pretty gray skirt. i love the family pic. bella is so cute with her bangs and her little jeans. i love the age jarom is at too, big brother but still such a family guy. protective and spirited. you guys have the perfect little family.

all those fancy sundance folks better watch out! you guys are way cuter!

Jaime said...

WEll, that was one thing we never made it to while in Provo. Looks like you guys had fun. :)

Paul and Rachel said...

That's hilarious! What a fun Sundance experience, plus a fun run in the Andie.

Momma said...

What a wonderful Sundance day! You are so lucky to live so close. I love telling people you guys live just minutes from Sundance! How fun to get to see Andy. Lucky!
Love you all so much and miss you.