Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sisters Retreat!!!

This year we had our sisters retreat in my backyard: Deer Valley! The first couple of years we had it at my aunt's beach house in So. CA. And it is right on the beach, you can't beat it. Last year we had in Austin TX. Which is where my aunt lives. It has been fun to change it up and it was really nice not to have to get a plane ticket anywhere.

This is my mom's sister, Deborah. Our very favorite hostess with the mostess. She also owns the cabin in Deer Valley. And when I say cabin- it is like nothing you have ever seen before. My Nana insisted on honoring her with a framed picture from our 2003 sisters trip at the beach house.

My mom - also known as where's waldo as of last week, and three of her sisters. Cinny, Annie and Deborah.

Cousins: Heather, Carrie, then me. We were all born just a couple months from each other. And my one and only sister that made it this trip- Jenny!! And lets not forget my cute aunt Whitney.

The sisters putting on quite the show for us.

Jenny and I hit up the bar at noon. And what do you know, we were the only ones there!

Hanging out with my uncle Mike, one of the two males who got to come up for a day. You can kind of see my Grandpa Pook reading his paper in the back.

Me and Heather. She was amazing and cooked huge delicious meals for us all every night.

Jenny and I out in the snow

we made some crafts

Aunt Annie the cutest little snow bunny ever

You get to ski right out the door!

Almost all of us. I went home just a couple hours after this. I want to thank all my sweet gal pals for the most wonderful time. I loved every moment of our tear shedding, movie watching, gallery hopping, Park city, Main street shopping, puzzle doing, pigging out at all hours, laugh attacks, learning that amazing crazy FUN game that I still laugh about to myself, doing NOTHING- but everything, going for walks, our very own yoga master, and hot tub lounging (which I can't believe I missed. I even packed TWO bathing suits. It just sounded so nice to sit in hot bubbly water and watch the snow fall). I just loved every single moment of it all, and I love you all so much. So thank you again. I am counting down the days till the next one, which just happens to be Nov. 2009! Lucky me. Can't come some enough! Love you xoxo


Sarah said...

That is so fun that you guys do that every year! Looks like an awesome cabin to have it at.

heather said...

What a bunch of cuties! Your mom and your aunties are just the sweetest sisters...and this is an amazing event to do together every year. too bad more of your own sisses couldn't make it, but it looks so fun to hang out with jenny, makes me miss both of you and claudia too! love you!

Martha said...

Great memories amy, We look like we all passed out on the yoga one. I too cant wait until november. Loved seeing you cutie. xoxo

Carrie said...

I love your mom! Some of my most comical memories from my youth involve Claudia Smith!

Kari said...

So fun to look through those Amy. I had to click on all of them so I could see them bigger cause they were so cute. It's fun to see the similarities in your mom's sisters. And the 'where's waldo' comment was hillarious!! I love your mom. Sounds like an awesome trip. Great memories. My favorite was the last paragraph. The best memories come from just hanging out doing nothing : )

Kari said...

By the way, thanks for the compliments on my blog : ) You're the sweetest!

Nadia said...

This looks like so much fun! How are you guys?

sierra said...

how fun, i love your family.
We miss you guys, it was fun looking at your blog and getting to see what you are up to these days.

Heather said...

cute pic of us - send it to me so i have it!

see you soon for cousin day

Momma said...

Amy, you are so lucky to have these wonderful girlie times with your sisters, mom, aunts, grandmas, and cousins! And so beautiful there! What a wonderful time it looks like you all had. I always wished I had a sister! Lucky you.