Monday, October 19, 2009

Another day, says the birthday boy.

Oey did the shopping for Daddy's birthday treat. Homemade samoas. To die for. Thanks Whit.

And then we did what only seemed natural and best for this growing boy. Let him play on the mountain and smother him with love.

a sunlit view of the mountains

The trail, paved with gold.

Bella and Jarom racing.

looking at our progress

Almost to the top. And I actually just got that lug. Don't let this photo fool you. Matt carried him for a good 5 miles.

The view and fresh air soothe the soul and rejuvenate you even if you are turning 30!!

a little train coming up the mountain

and we have arrived! The beautiful, snowcovered Silver Lake.

running to play in the snow

Snow at the top makes such a sweet victory.

who cares about being cold, it's snow!

Family photo before it got too dark.

And back down again. Good thing it only takes half as long to get down.

Leaving the forest to go home and snuggle.

I love you Matt. One day we will make a cake and sing Happy Birthday, can't hide from it forever.


moonshinejunkyard said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HIKE!!!! i am seriously in love with these photos. i love the little train going up the mountain. your kids are the best hikers. i also like how in that breathtakingly beautiful first panoramic shot of silver lake there are two little figures on the left wandering out into that wild cold. jarom and bell are quite the team. and oey shopping for daddy is so cute! you guys must have gone while the other kids were in school. sweet moments for a mamma i'm sure. teach me how to make homemade samoas! sounds like my dream come true.

anyway i am so glad you got to be out in such a beautiful place for the big birthday. i love what you wrote about the fresh air rejuvenating even if you're thirty! good point!

cannot wait to see you guys soon. love you.

mooncowboy said...

Heather, here's the recipe (from Whitney Lichty):

I was supposed to link to it in the blog itself--I'm gonna go back and update that.

moonshinejunkyard said...

hey, i look at her blog a lot and somehow i missed this! anyway, excited to try. love you.