Sunday, October 4, 2009

Give me another weekend!

Hurray for Fridays!!! We made it through the week. Right after school we headed down to SLC to catch Ronald McDonald in his magic act!!! Pretty silly.

This one was Ronald's idea!!!!

Taking in the view of ART!!! Provo's 1st Friday Art Walk!!

Me and my steamer, with a little do-si-doer.

Here she is again with our scoops of mango, lemon and peach.

Matt and I know to dig in first because it is quickly taken over.

After three hours of working and a farmers market stop, we were ready to start our Saturday.

A lovely neverending drive.

Good thing it was beautiful.

We finally made it. The kids were so happy to get out of the car. Unfortunately we got there too late and we didn't have time to do our hike. But we did let the kids run wild for a bit.

And wild they were

The mountains are just covered with colors and the tops are dusted with snow, Love it!!!

Silver Lake Flat

And then the madness begins. She got muddy and decided to wash off in the freezing water-brrrrr, then the wind was sooo cold so her hands were dying. Had to run her and her buddy back to the car.

At least these two were still having fun.

Until Jarom hit the jackpot of sinking mud. So he tried to clean off.

Worked a little. But he was still having fun

Last picture before I had to strip all my kids down to diapers and underwear.

After an hour detour to Target and $111 later we made it to the witches party!!

First things first, Bella needed some witchy glitter eyes (note the new boots).

Ready to join all the other witches!!

Oey finds a sword ( note the new overalls, and shoes you can't see)

treats galore

Dancing at the castle. Jarom was getting down in the back while Bella hogged the front just to look at me dumbfounded. She would shrug her shoulders at me like - what should I do?

The cutest Halloween town ever

And yummy food from Naborhood Bakery.

Had to get going just as quickly as we came thanks to our mandatory stop at Target, but at least the kids were clean and clothed.

Goodbye Gardner Village. Wish we could stay till Halloween (note- Jarom's new pants and shoes).

Made it to SLC 15 minutes late for Forever DEAD!!!!! Written and directed by a local. Tickets were compliments of the PTA.


And of course another picture with the wolf. But this time Jarom wouldn't go without me. The play had a mummy, wolf, Frankenstein and vampire. And let's not forget the awesome band of a drummer, bass player and pianist. Made for one funny show with lots of great funny tunes. Matt's and my favorite parts were all the jabs at Utahns- sooo funny!!!!


Deanna Smith said...

The Witches party looks like so much fun!! And I love Bella's new boots!! You guys do so many fun family activities, the sights you see are amazing!!

moonshinejunkyard said...

what a fun halloweeny weekend! that place where you let the kids run wild looked so gorgeous. i love that you always have a balance between nature and community. what an adorable little witch village; i bet bella felt so so fancy with her eyes all glittery. the play sounds fun too. what about Into the Woods? you still gotta tell us how that went!

can't wait to come see you guys. wish we could catch the fall colors but it will probably be snow by that time. LOVE YOU!

mooncowboy said...

We already talked about Into the Woods; it was lumped into the last one, here -- Fall is dancing in the air.

Yeah, the fall colors are slowly disappearing, but we will still have them for another couple weeks at least. We're desperately trying to immerse ourselves in them.

Stay tuned for some Glacier.

dolly and teddy tell it like it is said...

H, amy, killer blog. muy muy fun stuff. that ronald...he freaks me out. adopt carl and i for the weekend.

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh yeah! just kidding. i totally remember that...there was just a LOT going on in that blog and this one too! which is my absolute favorite thing on earth.

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had so much fun!! I am dying to do some fun things for halloween!! I totally know how that is when you have dirty clothes, and HAVE to buy new ones!