Saturday, October 31, 2009

fall is falling into place

Bella and I raked and raked. We couldn't keep up with the wind, it was raining leaves.

I got to walk with Bella's class to the fire department, and we loved spying all the different colors fall has brought and the haunted Halloween houses.

loving the cute firefighter.

When Jarom got home from school and saw this delightful pile of leaves he went right to work at having fun. Pulled the table right over and started jumping. Of course the others must follow suit.

We scored some free tickets to see Stellaluna, a children booked turned into a play.

Bella's finished masterpiece of two lions at our schools annual art night.

The only picture I have from Lisa's famous pumpkin party. Bell and Brianne in their matching pumpkin shirts.

For my birthday we went to Boo at the ZOO! It's not the first time I've celebrated my birthday at the zoo. Last time I was Cinderella and was turning eight!

Bella of course found some beauty queens

Enjoying the sun and beauty,and lets not forget the CANDY

baby elephant!

Next we went out for lunch and shared this mile-high ice cream cake. Happy birthday to ME!


Our fall is coming to a end sooo soon. We have already seen snow a few times, thank goodness it didn't last!! Looking forward to Halloween- my favorite!


moonshinejunkyard said...

what a bunch of halloweeny perfection! i loved every single picture. i can't believe how cute that baby elephant is! the zoo experience looked so fun and you all looked so adorable in your costumes. amy, were you dorothy? you look so beautiful in the photo with your cake, and by the way YUM.

okay my absolute favorite thing is BELLA'S LION PICTURE!!! i think she is going to be a true artist. it is the details that kill me. i love their frizzy hair.

utah has the most beautiful falls. too bad we're probs gonna miss it. i want to see those massive piles of colorful leaves and jump in with jarom!

okay now let's see those costumes and you and mattie wore!??!

love you all.

Glory Watts said...

Awww the cutest baby elephant ever! I remember very well spending your birthday in Fairy Tale town with your pretty mint blue dress. I remember being so jealous because you got that little glass doll baby for your birthday, I wanted it so bad.

I love all the leaves in your yard! Holy Smokes! Have fun jumping in your very own leaf mountain. love ya!

Glory Watts said...

By the way, every time my kids have watched Nightmare before Christmas I think of you and Matt. Gotta love that show!

Michelle Rossell said...

ooey is huge! wow! its been too long guys... time for another trip to cali. maybe to escape the utah winter??? :)

Jaime said...

Well, Happy Birthday! Boo at the zoo looked way fun--they do something similar here in Des Moines, so maybe next year I'll give it a whirl. :)

mooncowboy said...

too true, Michelle, too true