Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bye Bye Pumkin Pie

Thanksgiving party at the Center!!!

Making crust for our pies!!


Tons of games

And crafts. Bella adding her Thankful hand to the tree.

Jarom was so all over this. He has always wanted to do a eating contest. Poor kid didn't get my gut and couldn't stomach it after a few bites. He said it was gross. He really didn't have a chance.

Think she does? (who IS that guy?)

No. She did finish though.

Our favorite part. We always seem to find a way to dance to the beat. Can you see my two favorite dancers of all time? The daddy was on the drum.

Here's big brother.

Being one and giving back

Thanksgiving! I of course had to work all week long. Served (more like, cleaned up after) 700 people at the Marriott. But made it in time to Great Nana's to have a little family time. So glad I didn't miss Bella hauling around Ivy.

Or these happy guys!

Scrabble with the ladies


The Champ table

Proud to say the handsome one on the right won.

Mary Beth, Cinny and Hostess Nana!!

Couldn't be more happier to finally meet Wolf (Sam), and to hang with my beautiful sister Jessica!

Happy Family, my lucky brother. So glad he was in town for the day.

Princess Gnome, priceless

Bella and Lily

Big Blessings.


Heidi Daniels said...

I saw little Sam for a few minutes at grandmas last month - he is adorable! Ivy is as cute as a button! I'mglad you got to have a family member (at least a sibling) near by to share in the festivities! Hopefully your work gives you more time for Christmas!

dolly and teddy tell it like it is said...

amy, this blog is incredible. so many great pictures! i like that man in your picture...too bad about the eating contest. as a kid i always thought it would be a peice o cake....

moonshinejunkyard said...

two rad parties! lucky ducks. glad you got to make it to nana's even after work (i feel for you poor thing) and see all the lovely family. And OF COURSE mattie won scrabble; that's a given. ivy and wolfy are so cute...all those beautiful blue eyes are gorgeous (their parents too). so glad you guys are having a good holiday season and we can't wait to share more of it here with you!!!