Sunday, December 13, 2009

ice ornaments

The other day we made ice ornaments! Many thanks to Your Wild Child for the inspiration.

This is an easy and really fun idea for stretches of below freezing days. Simply put some items (rocks, leaves, pinecones) in a container, fill it with water, drop in some food coloring, lay in some sturdy twine (I used hemp--perfect), then let them freeze outside till solid. Pull them out and hang them up.

It was a fun-filled night while Mom was working, with more strange happening than usual. First of all, one of our circuit breakers randomly blew while Jarom was reading to me, and our power went out. Then Bella was trying to pick a cone from our Christmas tree (for an ice ornament), and she knocked the whole thing over! I wish in my frustration I'd taken some pictures, but nope. We spent the next hour re-trimming. Then I was pulling apache tears from our rock collection in the back, and I saw a larger out-of-place rock. I went to pick it up and shrieked like a little girl, because it was a dead mouse. A small one, but still, a dead mouse, and it freaked me a little. The first, and hopefully last of our mousey little friends.

the next day--our finished products frozen solid, waiting to be hung

master artistes

great decorations

filled with pine needles, chopped pine needles, apache tears, pretty rocks, and homemade trail mix, fir cones, and so on

a row of colorful beauty

We had one full day of wonderment, then the next day it went above freezing and they thawed and fell to pieces--also fun. We'll do more when the weather drops a bit again.


moonshinejunkyard said...

so fun and I LOVE YOUR STORIES. i was laughing out loud about the dead mouse, "a larger out-of-place rock" HILARIOUS. i can't believe what happened to the tree too! you guys had a regular WILD RUMPUS over there. anyway thanks for the link and what a cute project. i think they look lovely hanging there and i love the green one with the sweet little face. everything already melted here too, after three days of solid ICE.

Mel said...

Your ornaments turned out so great! Ours have melted too, but I can't wait for it to get cold again to experiment with more ideas.

Nothing like finding an unexpected dead creature to get your heart racing...

Heather said...

love your posts - writing - and creativity!

Jaime said...

Sooooo fun!!!! I've logged that one away in my memory. thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

How funny that you were at the temple, too! I wish I had seen you two. That was kind of a crazy day, so we were in a hurry...which I guess you were, too.
I hope you had a good trip. I look forward to hearing about it!