Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas lists, animals, and lights

This year the kids did their Christmas lists on some Dear Santa stationery. The paper excited them, because the second Amy brought it home their lists were done and signed, and in nice handwriting, which is a rarity. They were carefully crafted. Jarom wrote straight from some ads he'd already cut out.

I want a VTech! Nerf Dart Tag! A Cars tent, a Mike the Mower or Cool Crew Talking Vacuum! A Wowwee Mini Robo Rover! Peeps! Kids crafts! Art kits! And other stuff too! From Jarom

Please give this to me for Christmas: Princesses, books and the new dress-up. Bella.

While Mom was at work, the kids and I walked downtown (in 22 degrees for an hour and a half) for the Gallery Stroll, and headed to the tabernacle to check out the Living Nativity . . . only we were late so we just enjoyed the animals outside (just like last year).

Oey had barely just risen from the dead (from the stroller) when we all thought he was asleep, and sauntered over to the lighted trees with the kids.

feeding the donkey

The cutest brown-wool sheep, with the most amazingly thick wool. No way this guy was cold.

baby llama

donkey love

We stopped by Mom's work--the parking garage at least--to check the car. Jarom hung around.

The Community Congregational Church had signs out saying "Gallery Stroll visitors welcome!", so with the freezing air and all we had to stop in. They had nice bread and cookies and treats, and delicious wassail, also a little creche exhibit.

Tuesday we went to the temple lights in Salt Lake. This time it was maybe 17 degrees.

bundled up

inside the famous tabernacle

love lit up

beanie heads, Millie and Oey + Bella, playing in the snow

temple lights

it wasn't warm, but the lights glowed warm

up at the temple

a shepherd scene

always best friends

the family

gorgeous reflection -- this scene is always so pretty

lights all around us

a parting shot


moonshinejunkyard said...

i love the temple's RED LIGHTS. do they do a different color scheme every year? i go shopping for lights and i can never stick to one color scheme, it just freaks me out. i have to do white icicles (by far second choice) or colorful twinklies (always sold out EVERYWHERE). anyway those lists are so dang adorable; you have to keep them forever. i am pleased that something i got for jarom and bella to share is *sort of* on his list (kids crafts) and by the way i hope oey does not have his own skates yet? hint hint. anyway matt you're doing good being a fun pops while momma's at work and i can't believe how much you guys are out and about doing even in the freezing cold. you must be robots. i can't handle it. well, i guess for obama i was forced into it, never knew how deathly it is to be in 17 degree weather for hours upon hours upon hours.

love the updates, keep em coming. LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS ALL.

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh i forgot to say my favorite part is oey getting up from the dead to saunter over for a photo op.

the madsen's said...

oh the temple is so beautiful! I loved the picture you took with the tree in front of the temple with the red lights...gorgeous. Completely frame worthy ;)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are so beautiful! Thank you for posting them. I agree with Kim, I wish I could blow up the one of the temple framed in red lights and put it up on my wall! Thanks for imparting a portion of the spirit you must have felt being there.