Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't live without you

New Year's Eve!! Dance party at Mom and Dad's.

We had so much FUN! Dana rigged speakers into the couch, hooked up to Glory's iPhone. One sweet setup.

Smooth moves

The start of the moonwalk-off

baby dance-off

Bella dancing with her very own squatty mini-me

We think we just got the best jump photo ever

I love matt's feet in the air and little john in the back

Merry playing one last game with the kids

DecaDance party at Cosmic. Which means, dance party #2 with the Beattys.

Let the fun begin

Crazy mix of music and moves

Going , going

GONE! gone wild that this.

Sweet new year to me

The hunt is on

will he find me

He finds me, but I still win. He can't do the taco!

The moon ! Need I say more! This year like every year will bring magic (Jarom did get magic tricks for Christmas), mystery (will we live here STILL? maybe have a home? a job - that pays?), love (it's a love/hate thing, it always is - just last night Matt and I figured out that everything I HATE is just something I love TOO much), adventure (this means everything - New Zealand to slipping on the ice right in front of our house), and sunburns to cute freckles (means every single thing is a gift). Love you all, and hope to see and play with everyone this year. Let's make it happen. Everyone - you know who you are. If we have talked about doing something and haven't, it's time!!!! Can't wait!! XOXXOXOOXO


moonshinejunkyard said...

yeah for the new year! such a great way to ring it in, double whammy dance parties!!!! and that glad you guys photographed it, the blue moon. and your cave hide-and-seek is adorable, i like your taco tongue. best of all though is the baby dance off. i cannot imagine anything cuter.

Lisa said...

That's great when you have a big enough family to have a party of your own. Looks like you did every fun thing under the sun- except come see me! I missed you guys. Happy New Year.