Friday, January 15, 2010

Endless highlights

Nana taking the kids to see Santa the day we got to town

Sacramento Temple

Grandpa made Oey a sword!! priceless.

Ruby in a helmet = cutest thing ever

painting rocks for Stormy's grave

Finding the perfect spot

Our final farewell

joey and emily -- Dark River show!!! They are so great, you have got to hear the latest CD.

Em showing us their new home (the treehouse)

The kids for some reason love the chickens stomping grounds



play- all day long. turning banisters into slides.

Walking down to cook a fire

The kids' favorite. It's a must-do every time we are in town.

Dana sharing the love and his talent. He hooked all of us up with the coolest new T's from Rise Up. You got to check that site out.

Hanging with buddies

Sisters trip- our first with this group. We played and ate hard.

Dolly and I

Talent show

The kids never want it to end

Walking up to Grandma's

Great Grandma Leen

We love her playground

so does grandpa

looking to get sick

or die - come here

My family means babies galore

Bonny and her twins. She is good at sharing them


number 1 spot in the house - a seat by the fire, always comes with a baby and warm bottle. Pure cozy.

some for you

grandma is still learning how to share

Grandpa and Ivy

My sweet puff

Matty keeping things sweet with monkey bread

and sweet potato fries

Frosting all of Heather's cookies

Bella and Nana go on a special date to see the play Beauty and the Beast.

Papa showing Jarom the ropes of chopping wood

hanging with the chicks

always beautiful sunsets

Last but not really, just for the blog. Jamming!


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh, so many gems here! my faves, off the top of my head, are stormy's graveside circle, em in her treehouse, amy and dolly being incredibly adorable sisters, the kids doing their talent show (JAROM loving it!) and the walk to grandma leen's. looks so fun, all those babies...oh YES the babies, the twinnies, and ruby in her cute helmet, and the girls on the banister....all these pics are pure fun fun fun. amy you have such a knack for getting the right moments photographed. it would seem like the busiest, most bustling and fun-filled trip home to cali ever!

Becky said...

Amy, I love seeing pictures of your family. I heart the Smiths! It looks like you guys had a great trip.

Our Family said...

Okay, you guys are the best parents EVER!!!!! What lucky kids you have! I can't believe all the fun and wonderful things you always do with the family. I am so impressed by the two of you. Wow!!! I mean, Wow!!!