Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had Christmas morning at Matt's dad's house this year. And it was the best ever. It was the first time that we as a family had our own Christmas on Christmas. A lot of the kids' big ticket items came from D.I. (our favorite thrift store). It was like Christmas every time Matt and I went Christmas shopping there!

My favorite part, stockings full of unique knick-knacks

Of course Jarom and Bella blew through theirs so they have to wait for Oey before they can open presents.

After our little party we joined up with the rest of the Beattys at Heather and Darin's for the gift exchange. Bell is so excited to give Mikie the candle she made out of beeswax.

Emily, me, Nana and Heather (Adie, where are you? eating monkeybread?) I'm decked out in my new gifts of two homemade necklaces and headband-score!


moonshinejunkyard said...

miss you guys. bella's face is priceless. what a nice lovely christmas we had!

Beth said...

Wow...lovely pictures of Christmas celebration. Enjoyed your blog. Wishing you good times and good cheer.