Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party for baby

He loves this weird animal he got from grandma, he thinks it's a mouse.

For months all he talked about was his cake. He really wanted a blackspiderman cake, along with every other super hero. He was pretty thrilled when he saw this.

But more thrilled when he opened up a Green Goblin.

lots of goodies.

So many Super heros, all his dreams coming true in one night.

Jarom even made a game for the party

A closer look. I think it's a picture of Hulk and you throw spidey webs on him?

Rach and I. Best buddy cousins since birth.

Ending with some live music and kids dancing.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

i love jarom and dax dancing together! so innocent and adorable at the age they are at...before the terrible tweens but maybe they'll stay sweet and brotherly lovely forever?! anyway what a great party and o is so precious and wonderful. i love that i know his personality just a tad better after the time i got to spend with you guys. i can so imagine the way he plays with each superhero and the sound effects and the jumping!