Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rain, Wind, Snow or Sun

This is what we are doing. I, for the last couple of years have tried to get the kids in soccer but have always missed the deadline, not this year. Thought I'd show them, but it sure showed me. I had no idea that two kids in soccer takes OVER your life. And get this. I was so pleased to have remembered to sign them up for soccer on time I even did T-ball for Bell and coach pitch for Jarom. I thought I was on a roll. Soccer is almost done, just two more weeks and then the day of Bella's last soccer game is the day of her first T-ball game. Wish the kids could be on the same teams.

They are having a ton of fun running after that black and white ball though

Hanging out on the sidelines

I am very glad I signed them up. Jarom has said it is the one sport he wants to play and Bella is a natural.

Bella with some of her team, the boys are also in her school class.

Matt warming up the kids

We missed Bella's pictures so Matt took this of her, right in the middle of our last snow.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

i love the pic of matt warming up the kids! is he a coach? what a great little small towny team. are any of those boys the ones who want to marry her? i want to come to their games next time! how long does the softball season go? and i agree with jarom. soccer is the almost only interesting/exciting sport. glad you guys got in on time this year!