Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown

Found the perfect tree for us. We go on a little drive up the state every year to this tree farm, North Pole Pines in Farr West.

We like to find the ones that no one else wants. This fellow has long twisty arms, just longing to be held and taken home.

So home, he's a coming. My stud had some little helpers in the back.

Up on the car top

My hero

Every year the Tabernacle puts on a Live Nativity. We actually have never sat through one. We come just for the animals. Hail!! The princess of the night xoxo.

Me and this little furry friend - a little yak - were hitting it off with a staring contest. Matt came to get a photo of the love connection but when I looked up little Yakky snuggled into me so lovingly.

Thinking about using this for my Christmas card. YES! I still don't have one.

Matt made sure to give all the mammals equal love.

The brave and noble donkey bears the cross upon its back for carrying Mary. The kids who owned these animals were so friendly. Freely and eagerly told us all the facts about the animals and invited us to their farm :). Cutest boys ever.

Bringing in the tree. It is straight, just tilt your head a little to the right.

Thrifted Christmas cheer!

Finally get to decorate!!

All hands on deck! Busy little elves.

The kids were fighting about who gets to put the star on so I gave the job to Daddy. It didn't stop them from fighting. It just changed the fight to who gets the best view on the armrest.

So, we didn't put it RIGHT on top. He is our little Indian Brave with his own little feather topper.

O and I went to our childrens' museum and lucked out. The activity was to make gingerbread houses. Orion was so excited. And worked very diligently.

Stopping to jump and flap over his work. He was so happy.

Oh, back to work.

Very proud to have it on display at home. What is that sparkle behind the blue snowflakes? ...

... It's the Mother Tree, who welcomes and protects. I have been wanting to put lights on this tree since we moved in. She GLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have the glow. If you haven't found it yet, here are some suggestions: cocoa, caroling, baking and decorating cookies, Christmas movies, driving past neighborhood Christmas houses ("gingerbread houses"), fuzzy socks, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas cd, and good will towards men.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh AMY!!! the way you tell a story just makes me die laughing! plus those kids just delight me so...oey with his jumping and flapping over his careful work; what a dOLL! and your MOTHER TREE!!! yes, you have been talking about it since you moved in. i am listening to christmas music and getting teary eyed just thinking about how i love you guys, and how i love family, and animals, and how matt had to love all the mammals because his heart is way too big, and how the helpers are so eager to decorate the tree (OH MAN I NEED KIDS SO BAD!) and thinking of you and oey just hanging around doing christmasey things together while the kids are in school. and even the look on the boy's face who sits with the camel. i can't imagine people who think the holidays are hard, or make them sad...NO!!! it is all about family, it is all about THIS, every tiny detail here.

oh and did i mention YOUR DRESS. love love love mmmmmmmmmmm. both.

by the way my word verification is "pretty"...thought that was appropriate. i love you.

Harris Family said...

love this post- robert always want the charlie brown tree and I always want the perfect one-- he always gets the lopsided pumpkins at halloween too!

Hope your christmas is great!

crazy christensen family said...

Please come visit! We are about 15 minutes from thanksgiving point. It would be fun! What are you doing for Family night this coming monday?

AdieSpringB said...


Oh there are tears in my eye cause I love your pretty tree so much! A little wild one!

I love the compassionate funny hearts of the kind people so much. Adding character and sympathy to ever crack and crevice and tree and house and camel and person.

This post is so sweet. I wish I had got to go to the live nativity with you lovelies so much! That camel, what a kindy.

I love how the fight over the star just turned into a fight about the view of it! Your cutest family. Hey. At least you know by the time your kids are grown up you and Matt can come retire in Cali and enjoy mine and Heather's 1 year olds!!!!

:) ;)

adrie (rowan named me)