Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice grants wishes

Bella ready for last night's parties!

It snowed all day yesterday. It was a white magical first day of no school. Too much fun to be had. The last party we went to was straight out of the movies. We walked from our home to theirs on the snow covered streets and entered into the most enchanting cottage. Snug as a bug, I sat on the home-braided rug. They served creamy rich cocoa and even made a homemade brew from their very own Christmas tree branch. We didn't get to see the eclipse through the snowy white clouds but I don't know if anything could have been more delightful than making new friends and holding a chubby baby with bells for buttons in a twinkling cottage in the middle of a winter storm.

My Christmas wish has come true. SNOW!!! I have been dreaming of a white Christmas since the moment I knew we were staying home for Christmas. The kids were decked out for fun - free wild fun. Snow makes the yard a whole new world to explore.

Whoops, already stuck!

Daddy had a big job of clearing our mile-long driveway

But help is on the way

He didn't get very far

The best big sister helping the little stuck child - again

Trying to throw snow at me

I thought I would take out the trash and then settle in for my winter dream day. I mean, who wants to be snowed in with a full garbage? Not I. Me in my robe and rainboots slipped on the first step and went all the way down. It was quite beautiful to lay there and watch the snow fall. But I had to get up and finish my job.

We are digging in and loving every moment. Bella has been writing books for gifts, the boys have roasted marshmallows, and I sit here wearing my early and maybe only Christmas gift (fine by me) the coziest slippers ever made - SmartWool - have a candle burning the yummiest Christmas tree smell with a wooden wick so it crackles as it burns and am listening to the best Christmas music ever - Sufjan Stevens. Go get it. It comes with 5 cds for the price of one. We are indeed having the most merry early Christmas. And it's still snowing!!!!


Rachel Eastin said...

This is sooo fun. I will show my husband these pictures when I get home. We miss the snow. I wish I was a better real life friend when I lived there, because we would have had so much fun. We are leaving Madrid a lot earlier than expected, August. Where should we move to in the US? Also, the month of July I will be alone if you want to meet me somewhere in Europe.

Lisa said...

Sounds like Heaven! I love wood wicks. Merry Christmas Amy!