Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cozy my rosies

The sweetest haven on a cold frosty day. Crystal Hot Springs!!

Walking from the dressing room to the pool seemed unbearable, but so worth it!

Sweet, sweet, warm water, how I love thee.

Susan, Chels and me hanging out by the boiling hot water falls. Once you get used to the burn you can't leave it.

Three men in a tub

Jarom was splashing water on me so I told him to stop because - hello, I'm holding a camera. And what does he do? I looked up just in time to see him leaping at me.

Getting more wild! Yes the water is steaming but don't let that fool you. The air temp is a big fat 20. I walked over here to get everyone's picture, but my feet were dying on the cold ground so I thought I would wait in the water. I screamed like a baby. It was freezing! And not only that but the handle bar I grabbed to get the heck out of there was completely frozen over - whole thing. I stood there waiting and waiting for someone to come down, finally Mike did. I took the picture and hightailed it out of there. I later found out while I was thawing in the hot pool that the stairs going up to the slide are also totally frozen over. Those who made it to the top said it felt like they were walking on coals!

We were all very pleased and surprised with how much we thoroughly enjoyed it. We actually stayed for hours and only left because we got hungry.

Made it over to Brigham for some grub at the coolest old diner, Idle Isle. Vaulted ceilings, solid wood booths, one of those pianos that plays itself (kids really liked that, a ghost was playing it). Topped it off with a old fashioned malt. mmmmmmmm

Few days later. My favorite goobers, of course wearing their newest coolest T-shirts!

Wednesdate!! Matt and I have taken up going out every Wednesday with our O in tow. Me and O love to go pick up daddy and try new places.

Matt cracking up at Oey. Oey has decided that this is his most flattering face. I agree wholeheartedly. I love a scrunchy baby face.

Me and the goods. And yes I cut some bangs, only because I had a dream within a dream that it was meant to be. Sorry for the no make-up close up. Anywho. I gots to go. My pants are popping off from a dessert party.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Endless highlights

Nana taking the kids to see Santa the day we got to town

Sacramento Temple

Grandpa made Oey a sword!! priceless.

Ruby in a helmet = cutest thing ever

painting rocks for Stormy's grave

Finding the perfect spot

Our final farewell

joey and emily -- Dark River show!!! They are so great, you have got to hear the latest CD.

Em showing us their new home (the treehouse)

The kids for some reason love the chickens stomping grounds



play- all day long. turning banisters into slides.

Walking down to cook a fire

The kids' favorite. It's a must-do every time we are in town.

Dana sharing the love and his talent. He hooked all of us up with the coolest new T's from Rise Up. You got to check that site out.

Hanging with buddies

Sisters trip- our first with this group. We played and ate hard.

Dolly and I

Talent show

The kids never want it to end

Walking up to Grandma's

Great Grandma Leen

We love her playground

so does grandpa

looking to get sick

or die - come here

My family means babies galore

Bonny and her twins. She is good at sharing them


number 1 spot in the house - a seat by the fire, always comes with a baby and warm bottle. Pure cozy.

some for you

grandma is still learning how to share

Grandpa and Ivy

My sweet puff

Matty keeping things sweet with monkey bread

and sweet potato fries

Frosting all of Heather's cookies

Bella and Nana go on a special date to see the play Beauty and the Beast.

Papa showing Jarom the ropes of chopping wood

hanging with the chicks

always beautiful sunsets

Last but not really, just for the blog. Jamming!