Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All of this blesses me

March 8, 2011 - A bright and white Tuesday, I picked one of my baby brothers up from the SLC airport. We only had 24 hours together before I was to drop him off at the MTC, so we packed it to the MAX!

Carl Smith, second to youngest in my family of 13 kids. Called to serve in New York, New York, Spanish speaking. Our first stop was to the Salt Lake Temple. Truly a joy and a blessing to be able to take him through. It will forever be a treasured memory.

Couldn't leave Salt Lake without stopping by sweet little ol Nana's, queen of celebrating holidays. I love her homemade green March kites on the tree.

Those kites are just the beginning. Welcome to emerald city - Nana's kitchen.

Carl, Nana and Papa. We couldn't stay long because I had planned a little party back at home.

Carl and Julia - a sweet friend who lives in town and was able to make it

Uncle Richard and Aunt Kathy (whom he picked up on his mission to Australia).

Cousins Carrie and Kait

Cousins Paul and Rachel

Brother James and Family

Ending with us. We had a potluck dinner topped off with New York cheesecake then we all sat in a circle, each of us taking a turn to gift Carl with our happiest memories with him and positive words of advise.

Bella happily showing Carl her new New York t-shirt.

Me and Carl

After everyone was gone Carl read the kids some bedtime stories.

And then was up bright and early to say one last goodbye to Bella and Jarom. Heartbreaking. Carl is the greatest uncle ever.

Last goodbye kiss

Saying goodbye is no easy task. I thought I was ready for it. But there were no words I could come up with that say goodbye for two years. I love you and I'll miss you. I know he will be great and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Fortunately, Orion had a birthday to keep me from staying sad.

My happy little guy for months insisted we look at the cakes every time we went to Costco. Today was his lucky day. No question about it. He wanted that rainbow cake. And of course he needed to add the Spidey toys.

We needed to go tubing one last time ...

throw a couple of snow balls

cry because our hands are cold

but mostly

to be glad

we get to spend some time together

Evie, Naomi and Bella at our local library's highly acclaimed Fairy Tea Party. It was so cute. But the best part was the surprise mini family reunion.

Sister-in-law Steph and my great aunt Emma-Jean.

My aunt Cinny and cousin Heather

One delicious fairy feast to eat while watching fairy ballerinas dance

Bella and Evie with the fairy court

One last surprise - my dad's cousin now works at the Provo Library!!

That same night was one of our very favorite events that is put on in Provo - Bowls for Humanity, hosted by the great Food and Care Coalition. We have blogged about it a couple times already. The event has become everyone's favorite. I don't blame them - you get to choose your own bowl (to keep), made by a local artist, and they fill it up with belly-warming soup. All proceeds go to feed the hungry. Its a win-win-win, happy time for everyone. This was the first year we actually didn't get the food there. It was too crazy packed. We could not leave empty-handed though. Matt and the kids fell in love with a few items that we were able to buy, bypassing the very long food line. Matt's new teardrop curved trailer dish holds our bananas perfectly. :)

Backwards day at school

Family night at Classic Skating

National Pancake Day!


moonshinejunkyard said...

TOO much fun!!! i can't believe karl is leaving for two years, so sad but he is going to be great and people will adore him and he will be blessed a million times. i saw barrett hamp at my work (he sells books at the bookery all the time) and he was telling the ladies that he's leaving for two years for a mission for his church in RUSSIA! anyway you loves are so full of fun activities and bella looks so cute for backwards day. i can't wait to swoop up those kiddos and kiss them! love you guys.

whit said...

What a good example he is to your boys! New York, New York. That's only 6 1/2 hrs from us! He's going to love it there.

Our Family said...

That face of Orion's is too, too cute. What a great family you have, Amy. Bella is a beautiful princess, and Jarom looks just like Matt. What a sweet picture of you and Matt, Amy. You two are the perfect couple. Love this post! I hope your mom is okay, by the way. Love ya!