Monday, June 20, 2011

eight days a week

typical days of fun around here ... have made some slight improvements

Strawberry Days are here!! As soon as we got to the free concert Matt was bombarded with sweetness.

Rachel, Paul, and Matty digging into the free strawberries and cream

along with the best of them

I think you can tell which three are mine. This pool may not look like the best summer fun ...

but it is.

No joking. We all (yes, me too) love to take our turn sliding into the "pool." I was the only one to slide completely out of the pool and skid down the grass.

London, Bella, and Faye with the best seats in the house

that is, if you like to watch us :)



smallest - all twirled to death on what Orion calls "the alien spaceship"

Rach and I made a mad dash to watch our men play those tricky carnival games

Victory!! Paul won London a little puppy.

So Matty surely had to win a little pink something for his sweet one.

Which in turn made Jarom want to win something for his little brother. The man running the game knew this and when Jarom didn't win he found Jarom the smallest of stuffed pups to give to Orion.

Bella wore this shirt every single day last week!!! Our one and only daughter has died and gone to heaven. We finally signed her up for her first acting class.

Ain't she a natural?

Growing like a tree

She preformed in "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Hattie and the Fox" last Friday. Very, very, very entertaining to say the least.

Today was the first day of swim lessons. Jarom was bummed that he has to share a class with his sister. Which is what happens when you don't pass your class from last year and your sister is right on your heels.

My proud moment of the day!!! Orion following and listening to his instructor. He makes a great shark.

Happy sister.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

magic and mayhem...i LOVE IT!!! i want to jump in that pool right now, it's like 99 degrees here and i haven't even left for work yet! oey doing the shark is perfect, all you have to do is give him a scary character to play and he's all over it, cutie pie! i want to see one of bella's plays, so exciting, and i hope she keeps her ltitle theater shirt forever. i remember so well being in the "Patio Players" in escondido when i was precisely her age. keep runnin kids, i miss you and i love to feel a part of your the carnival photos too (and jarom's little stuffed animal breaks my heart!)