Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a family affair

May 18, 2011

A glimpse into Nana and Jack's wedding

the wedding took place in the small charming town of Sutter Creek, CA

Sunshine broke through the morning rain. Bright wildflowers drooped and freed their fragrances to the wind.

Sweet Nana, the bride could not let the wedding start without gifting the flower girl a special necklace. This beautiful day also just so happened to be Bella's 7th birthday. We named her Bella Spring, after Nana Spring, not knowing that Bella would indeed become more than a namesake, a miniature Nana.

Joey and Em's harmonic tune rode the green rushing river and I'm pretty sure Nana was not the only one with tears in her eyes.

Adie spoke of a pure love and married them

man and wife xoxo

let the celebrating begin!!

Nana made her own luscious carrot cake

dashing men

and us lucky ladies

sharing a moment

the rains came a-pouring and we all went a-running to the honeymoon suite

Spring beauties. The thing about these three is that they really are made of sugar and spice, everything nice.

the boys were able to sit still for a moment once the presents were being opened

The whole family. Just missing Mikie and Arty, plus our newest additions, Jack's two girls. We have lucked out. The kids are stoked to get some playmates. Us kids couldn't dream up a more perfectly suited man for our Nana. He is kind, loving, sincere, and is an outdoor enthusiast!

I know it's weird to leave off with a picture of their bed but I loved it and have to share how amazing it was. Plus, it's exactly where we left them.


moonshinejunkyard said...

awwww so cute, what a wonderful day that was. thanks for that pic of me, bella and marmy. that's a sweet one, my girls :) amy, you in the doorway is pure DIVINITY! that dress was the most perfect dress in the whole wide world with the most enchanting feeling of springtime. i love how you described the blossoms and river and rain. can't wait to make a little video as soon and joey and em do a recording of their song. love to you, little fam. miss you so much.
heather xoxo MUUUAHHHH!

Carol said...

Beautiful Day! I love the photo of Nana putting a necklace on Bella--taking time out for Bella on such a busy day. She and Jack look so at peace and happy!

Lisa said...

Congratulations Sue! How lucky for you Amy to be a part of TWO weddings!