Thursday, June 9, 2011

To you, we tip our hats

How would it be to ride the great Colorado River? You who lure us in with your soft milk chocolate color. Filled with silt from chipping away at the sandstone cliffs, down through the Grand Canyon all these years. Life follows wherever you go. Not a force to be messed with but to be admired, oooohed and ahhhhed. People of Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, Tucson, and Phoenix should sing your praises to their graves and write of you on their tombstones. God bless the Colorado, for you bless me.

We were lucky to spend one early morning with you

taking you very seriously

until your first big roller-coaster wave that greeted us with splashes and somersaults flipping in our tummies

happily going with your flow

blessings, blessings

thank you, thank you

Matt taking his turn playing the game at lunch. A game made purely to flex your muscles... not for me.

sand angel

My favorite view. He is in pure heaven - letting his inner river-guide out with his new best friend.

Colorado, you leave me speechless. I had read of your power and knew of your path. But had no idea just how playful and fun you could be. There is too much goodness to thank you for. But I must let you know this is a start of a wonderful friendship. And to you, we tip our hats.


moonshinejunkyard said...

adventures galore, this is so awesome and inspiring. so glad you guys got to experience the pure colorado rush. i read that book about powell's exploration the first full trip down the was so intense and mysterious, the way that river meanders through the deepest and darkest of our planet's secrets. i feel it through your words, and your beautiful faces as you ride along. i can't wait to do some rivering with you guys this summer. LOVE YOU!!! happy nature days to you, summer's here!

In a nut shell... said...

Rafting through the grand canyon is on my bucket list. Last time I looked into it I about fell over at the cost. What company did you go through?

mooncowboy said...

actually it was just a stretch of the Colorado northeast of Moab. so NOT the famous Grand Canyon or Cataract Canyon runs (although those would be AMAZING--and much more expensive). we went through a company called World Wide River Expeditions in Moab.

dolly, teddy, and tyler, naturally said...

Whhaaaa!? When was this?! Amy, this is wonderful..... Blessed be the colorado before she is sieved away. Jealous, as usual.